10 Top Reasons Sex Toys Make You A Fantastic Lover

10 Top Reasons Sex Toys Make You A Fantastic Lover

Hello Lovers, how’re tricks?

I have a question for you: do you consider yourself to be good in bed?

I know, it’s like asking anyone if they think they have good taste or a good sense of humour – we can’t really answer for ourselves, we have to take other people’s reactions as genuine reflections.

But let me not go tangential before we’ve even kicked off. Let’s get to the meat of this blog post: how to be a better lover. Or an EVEN better lover.


No matter how good you are, there is always room for improvement. Some couples are blessed with great chemistry. Even in those relationships though, there is a chance that at least one of them is going to start needing something new at some point. Seriously, if sex is made difficult due to any physical or emotional problems, why not indulge in some fun sex toys? You deserve to feel good!

And if you are doing your own thing right now (literally), is that not even more reason to want to have excitement in your solo sex, or some stronger orgasms?

And if anyone out there still thinks that having a vibrator is a replacement for, or a slur on, his penis…. please put that thought to bed. For a man to use sex technology on his partner just proves him to be a caring, adventurous lover who does all he can to bring his partner pleasure. End of chat.

One way to up your game is to experiment with sex toys. I say ‘experiment’ because there is such a cray array out there that you can try a different toy each night of the week! And maybe this list will give you the nudge you need, to give it a go. So, let’s serve up the main meal of the day – in no particular order, here are…


    1. PURE TREATS! Giving your lover a night to lie back and be pleasured and played with is the ultimate gift of love. Plan and prepare with all kinds of toys, including different lubes and oils, and you will have all you need to give your partner a night of sexy, loving spoils. (Who was it who said: work is love made visible?)
    2. EXCITEMENT: Anything new is always exciting! Just discussing and shopping for a new toy together can be a bonding and sexy experience.
    3. POINTS: And if you are shopping for something without your partner, you get the kudos of being that considerate one who made this awesome new fun thing happen!
    4. HEALTH: A sex toy will make you feel great, with everything from your skin, heart, and circulation getting the full benefit of those feel-good hormones.
    5. CONTROL: Using Kegel balls increases the tone and elasticity of the vaginal walls. This is a serious boon to your sexual health and a real investment in a healthier old age.
    6. ENDURANCE: Saving le penis means longer play times. Am I right ladies?
    7. ORGASMS: Endurance for him can mean orgasms for her, to begin with. And the other aspect of that is most women do not orgasm through vaginal penetration, and sometimes a vibrator can be just what is needed to bring that Big O home!
    8. LESS PRESSURE: Vibrators and dildos can do a primo job when penetration is not possible due to ED or other factors… like long-distance sex relationships!
    9. A NEW LEASE ON LIFE! Sex toys can boost a couple’s intimacy AND also bring a new buzz to the libido… that helps to keep it charged! The more you have the better you get at it the more you want the more you have!
    10. SELF-EXPRESSION: Sex toys give you so much freedom to express yourself – from feather ticklers to kinky bondage tools, there is a toy for each mood, and for every man and woman.

And besides all those factors, using sex toys is brilliant for your own actual health! If you want to know how to check out this excellent article on the health benefits of a good sex life.

Or just have a long read at all our blog posts, for about 10 000 other excellent reasons lol.

Lots of loving love


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