5 Sex Lessons We Learnt from Game of Thrones

If you belong to the 0.05% of the Earth’s population who by now has not become obsessed with HBO’s hit television series, Game of Thrones, then this article may seem like gibberish to you – but it is definitely still worth the read! With all that said and done, how are you Lannisters and Starks doing? Don’t worry Baratheons, we remember you too! Are you guys enjoying the new season?

Well, if one thing is for sure, the creators certainly have not slowed down on the sexiness! With the show already being notoriously infamous for its explicit scenes, this season has been no different. Game of Thrones, however, does do a fine job at walking the line between sleaziness and tastefulness, and much can be learned from the countless sex scenes we’ve been privy to for the past 6 and a half seasons.

1. Men love for women to take over

Remember when Khaleesi was married off to Khal Drogo? Well, the marriage certainly wasn’t consummated to the pleasure of Dani. After having spoken to one of her handmaids (and getting a quick tutorial – wink wink), however, Khaleesi was determined to seduce her new husband. Instead of allowing him to have his way with her in his traditional, savage way, Khaleesi confidently led her husband to the bed, threw him down and got on top of him.

Needless to say, Khal Drogo was left lusting after some more of that Targaryen heat. Ladies, don’t be afraid to take the lead in bed and show your dominance in the bedroom. Fellas, don’t be afraid to let your lady take the reigns – she will surprise you!

2. Emotional Connection is Key

This one was taught to us this very season when Missandei and Grey Worm finally released seasons of built-up tension. Whilst the show has featured numerous encounters of emotionless raunchiness, this was a refreshing turn of events and the pure attraction and emotional intensity came right through the screen in this particular scene.

From the emotional climb as the characters slowly undressed to the crescendo when Grey Worm pleasured Missandei by going down on her, you could certainly feel the emotional connection. The physical connection during sex is something which can only be elevated further through a strong emotional connection between you and your partner.

3. Give Heed to Your Needs

We’ve all experienced it: those moments where you and your partner just can’t hold it in any longer and you need to rip each other’s clothes off – but you’re in public. So what? If John, Robb, Ygritte and Lady Talisa taught us anything, its that when the moment’s right, you do it – wherever.

Whether it was in the privacy of a cave or on the floor of their tent, these characters wasted no time to do the deed when they felt like it. The adrenaline of making love whilst knowing others are nearby is certainly one way of spicing things up.

4. Don’t Rush Into It

It’s hard to imagine that Viserys Targaryen, and his short stint in the show, is missed by Game of Thrones fans. However, before his face was melted with molten gold, he left us with one valuable lesson to remember in bed – do not rush into it.

Whilst in the bathtub with his lover at the time, Viserys made excellent use of foreplay to intensify the already passionate and romantic scene – leaving his partner extremely satisfied & longing for more. We could all learn from this. Sex can become an entirely different experience just by changing the way in which you begin to engage with one another and prolonging the foreplay. The build-up can sometimes be even better than the final act itself!

5. Embrace Differences, it’s Sexy

In the very first episode of the show, we were introduced to the fan-favorite character and glorious imp, Tyrion Lannister, making love to Ros in the brothel. Yes, of course, she was paid to do so, but their physical differences made the interaction all the more interesting and stimulating. There are billions of us on this planet, and all of us are different in our own unique way. Sex can be a beautiful way to embrace and explore these differences between one another.