For Him: 5 Things to Keep You Busy on Your Night Off

For Him: 5 Things to Keep You Busy on Your Night Off

1. Binge a New TV Show

We are in the golden era of television. Every year there seems to be a show that everyone cannot seem to stop talking about. With streaming services like Netflix and Hulu, as well as On Demand functionality provided by DSTV, it is now easier than ever to laze on the sofa and become enthralled by the seriously high-quality television shows airing right now. If you’re into Sci-Fi, you should definitely give Netflix’s Stranger Things a chance. If you are more interested in dramatic sagas with long-winded character arcs and story twists, House of Cards or Mr. Robot may do it for you. Or, if you just want something to pass the time quicker and make you smile, Master of None or the newly aired Friends from College go perfectly well with a fine glass of wine.

2. Write Something

Seriously, the cathartic effects of writing cannot be ignored. The business of our daily lives can take a major toll on any one of us, and sometimes, all that is needed is some quiet time alone to recollect your thoughts. Putting pen to paper is a fantastic way to do this and to relieve yourself of some stress. It also allows you to focus more carefully on what is truly important and needs to be handled, and what is simply just modern-day noise. Also, some time spent away from a screen can only do your eyes nothing but good!

3. Masturbate 😉

Okay, this one is unconventional, sure, but masturbation boasts some seriously impressive benefits. Not only does masturbation significantly help to relieve stress, but it has also been shown to reduce the risk of prostate cancer in men. Whether you’re single, your girlfriend is out of town or you and the Mrs. have had a spat, this suggestion is certainly one to consider! And no this does not lessen the frequency of your sex life, in fact, studies have shown that frequent masturbation has a strong correlation with increased sexual activity as well! If you are new to masturbation, or if you are looking to make it more interesting, check out the FLE Vibro Pink Lady Touch fleshlight. A fleshlight mimics a vagina and is lined with stimulating nubs for extra satisfaction.

4. Tidy Up

Yes! Chores are boring. But, you would be surprised just how therapeutic tidying up around the home can be. Not only is it helpful to take your mind off of work but it also allows for you to get rid of unnecessary clutter in your living space. Whether it’s finding loose change at the bottom of the sofa or getting rid of those shopping bags on your coffee table, you will be guaranteed be feeling far more relaxes after doing a little cleaning! Not to mention the fact that it is hard to take the time out of your busy schedule to do this at a later time, so do it while you can!

5. Online Shopping

You work hard! Now spoil yourself. A little gift never hurt anybody. Sometimes you just need to remind yourself just how hard you’ve worked with something tangible to represent the fruits of your labor. Online shopping is now far easier than ever before, whether you’re looking for the latest fashion trends or the new-age technology, you will find it and will probably be able to get it at your doorstep within the week.

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