A Beginners Guide To Anal Sex Toys

A Beginners Guide To Anal Sex Toys

So you’ve decided to experiment with anal sex. Well congratulations, we hope you will find it extremely rewarding. Unfortunately, anal sex is still considered taboo in our conservative society, but frankly, we think that just adds to the excitement.

Unknown to many, anal play can be a very pleasurable and rewarding experience for both men and women. The internal walls of the anal canal are incredibly sensitive due to all the concentrated nerve endings while the entrance of the anus (also surrounded by lots of nerve endings can also provide a variety of pleasures.

Most people still think of anal sex, as when a man’s penis enters the anus. While this is obviously one option there is also using fingers or sex toys to penetrate the anus, or using the tongue to stimulate the anus (called ‘rimming’), or even pegging (a woman penetrating using a dildo and strap on harness).

Massage Candle 150ml Teasing | Senze

Getting Started With Anal Sex

Before you embark on your anal adventure, remember to have an open and honest conversation with your partner. Discuss what you are and aren’t comfortable with, Trust and communication are the key to a positive anal experience. Anal sex/play should not be painful. Make sure you start at your own pace and be patient so your body can adjust to, and enjoy the new sensations. Remember to relax, have a bath or ask your partner for a sensual massage with our Senze Massage Candle.

As the anus is not self-lubricating, you will need to invest in some Lube. Pjur Analyse Me Anal Glide is ideal for anal play as it is silicone based and therefore long-lasting. If you are looking to introduce toys into your anal play, a water-based Lube is a better option for you, Try our Aquaglide Water-based Lubricant.

Pjur Analyse Me Anal Glide 100ml

Start with fingers or small Sex toys.

Start off with some rimming, or just by pressing on the anal area. From here you can go in with a finger or a small butt plug, after maybe progress to two fingers or a larger toy. Once the receiving partner is comfortable, you can enter with your penis or a sex toy.

The most important thing, as always, is to keep a constant line of communication open

Anal Sex Toys

Anal toys can be a very exciting addition to anal sex, but we recommend you start with something simple. Once you are comfortable you can start to work your way up to more advanced toys.  A Butt plug is a great place to start; it will introduce you to the sensation of fullness without being too intimidating. Remember, when choosing a Butt plug, rather start with a smaller plug and add to your collection with larger sizes and different shapes as you go along. The Bootie Anal Plug from Fun Factory is small, flexible and perfect for beginners. You can also try the Jewelled Beginner’s Metal Butt Plug, the jewel is very aesthetically pleasing, and you’ll look and feel extremely sexy.

Jewelled Beginners Metal Butt Plug Colours | Just Naughty
Bootie Anal Plug | Fun Factory

If you’re feeling a little more adventurous, try the 10″ Silicone Frog Anal Beadsthey are flexible and vary in size, starting from smaller beads and increasing in size, allowing you to work your way up as you go along. Why not try some playful fun and add our Foxy Lady Ears & Tail Butt Plug Set to your collection.  The temperature-responsive steel can be warmed or cooled, adding a new dimension to your anal experience while the realistic fox tail brushing against your legs creates an excitingly sexy sensation.

Foxy Lady Ears & Tail Butt Plug Set

Fun Factory Bendy Anal Beads

Prostate Massagers

The brushing or rubbing against the prostate in a male partner can be a very pleasurable experience and can even lead to an orgasm. Don’t be shy to try some prostate stimulation, we recommend the Rocks Off Bad Boy Intense Prostate Massager.

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Bad Boy Intense Prostate Massager

Don’t be afraid to explore and experiment alone, anal sex is not only for couples!

We hope you have found this blog helpful! Happy Playing 😉 – The Olivia Grey team.

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