All You Need Is Lube

All You Need Is Lube

“Lube is all you need…”

Isn’t that how the famous song goes? And hey, The Beatles were responsible for as many slippery crotches as Timberlake, Bieber, and Drake combined! But sometimes we need a little more than a catchy tune to slick us up, down south.

Maybe you have never even tried lube because you have never thought you need it. And it is true, most women do have wonderfully self-lubricating vaginas, but not all produce enough of their own moisture. This can be off-putting, due to vaginal dryness caused naturally, due to medical complications or breastfeeding, or when estrogen levels drop during menopause. I don’t want you to miss out on delicious sexy times when there is this simple answer!

Lube is the secret, let’s talk about it…

Even if you don’t ‘need’ it, it can bring more frequent, earth-moving orgasms. Even just rubbed around the genitals or a little bit on a lovely nipple… trust and believe! And when used with toys? Yes, please.

Also, bums certainly do not spontaneously create sexy juices, which is a real glitch in the design if you ask me. Why not get creative with where you put that lovely dong or dildo? And ladies and gents alike should never avoid that nerve-packed pleasure-zone.

MY ENDLESS LUBE – 10 excellent REASONS TO use lubricant

  1. Say goodbye to vaginal dryness!
  2. Say hell-oh to hotter foreplay and intensified sexual pleasure!
  3. You can get to penetrative sex faster, for those fab, fun, frantic quickies
  4. Flavoured lubes are fantastic for oral
  5. Toys! Lubes and toys are a match made in heaven!
  6. You can more easily accommodate a big guy – some dudes just have penises that are really big for some girls, and why should everyone lose out just because he has been blessed to impress?
  7. No more problems with condoms drying you out… ouch! 
  8. And dry condoms can tear, so keeping them nice and slick means less likelihood of those unhappy accidents
  9. Lube helps to lower the risk of STDs and STIs by preventing membrane tearing
  10. It can prevent infections too! A smoother ride means less chance of bacteria

I WANNA KNOW WHAT LUBE IS, AND I WANT YOU TO SHOW ME – the 3 types of lubricants are:

  • Water-Based Lubricant: No additives, is the least allergenic, washes off easily. Does need reapplication though, as it wears out quite quickly.
  • Silicone-Based Lubricant: provides extra slickness and lasts longer than water-based lubricants. Some women are allergic to it. Does not rinse off as easily. Not for use on silicone-made sex toys. 
  • Oil-Based Lubricant: not great, frankly, they can wear away at condoms, and also hard to clean out of your genital folds afterwards! Petroleum-based lubricants, such as those made from petroleum jelly, mineral oil, or baby oil, cause irritation or inflammation for some women.


  • Spit is not lube, NO!
  • Food is not lube! Cream, NO! Honey, no no no… anything sugar-based can cause painful yeast infections.
  • Baby-oil, NO! It wears away at condoms, it is a no-no!
  • Shea butter, jojoba oil, etc, can all damage the delicate skin of the vagina… NO.

I WILL ALWAYS LUBE YOU – some pointers

  • Do not under any circumstances use oil-based products on condoms. 
  • Test a new lube on your forearm before using it on your pink parts
  • Do not use too much lubricant at one time; too much of a good thing! as this can disrupt that lovely-lovely friction.
  • adding a touch of lube to the penis before putting the condom on can help men enjoy sex more
  • Some lubricants may contain glycerin, which can lead to inflammation and yeast infections. If you experience this, find a lube without glycerin – they are available

There are also some sexy new options on the market, like cannabis-infused lubes which I cannot wait to dab, pun intended! Also, vegan and organic lubricants… leave us a comment if you have tried any of those!

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