Anal Beads: A Beginners Guide

Anal Beads: A Beginners Guide

This how-to guide on anal beads for beginners will give you the ins and outs of all you need to know on how to get started with this beadazzling toy. 

It’s common for people to feel a bit creeped out or nervous at first about putting something foreign into their butt, but once you learn about how these simple inventions can make you have toe-curling orgasms, you’ll be hitting that “add to cart” button in no time.

Anal beads can be so much fun to use. Whether you’re interested in anal play and want to start small, or wondering how to prepare for anal sex for the first time, anal beads can be a great way to experiment.

It’s an absolute gift to be able to explore your body in new ways, so embrace it, be gentle, go slow and remember if you don’t enjoy something STOP and find something else you enjoy more.

What are Anal Beads & Why use Them?

Anal beads consist of a set of multi-sized ball shaped “beads” that can be inserted into the anus for extra pleasure during any kind of sexual activity.

These simple anal toys are designed to be inserted into the rectum one bead at a time. The beads often range from small and gradually get larger with the length.

This is perfect for beginners as this allows your body to adjust to the size slowly. They’re not as scary and intimidating as they may look, and it’s super easy to pop in.

Anal beads come in a range of different materials, sizes and textures from high-quality beads made from soft polished metals and glass to soft, flexible plastics and silicone.

There are also so many sizes to choose from to suit your experience level, ranging from small, unintimidating beginner beads, all the way up to much bigger balls that only the more experienced levels should engage in.

The anal beads that are suited best for you will really come down to what kind of feel you are going for and how big you are looking to go.

Anal beads differ from butt plugs in that unlike butt plugs, which go in and stay in, beads are inserted into the anus, one bead at a time and then pulled out.

Both men and women have sensitive nerve endings inside the anus, and when this erogenous zone is stimulated it results in a heightened sensation, rivalling that of any other sex organ!

For men, anal play helps to stimulate your prostate, which when stimulated can produce the most mind-boggling anal orgasm.

While for women, the anal cavity and vaginal wall press up against each other which can cause double the sensation, making you climax like you can’t believe.

If you’ve ever thought about how to prepare for anal sex, anal beads are a great place to start before going all in.

Anal Beads Cartoon

Types of Anal Beads

  • Vibrating beads

These are exactly what they sound like, they are beads that vibrate. Vibrating anal beads can come in a few different styles, with the key differences being in how they are controlled, recharged, and variations in vibration modes.

  • Rigid beads

These are usually made of glass or stainless steel and they can double up as a butt plug or dildo, but just with the beaded shape.

  • Textured Beads

These beads have some sort of added tactile quality to their surface that enhances sensation when used. Textures vary from slightly raised bumps to rounded spikes and more.

  • Cock rings with Beads

This is perfect for men who like to wear beads while they are engaged in other types of sex-activity to encourage the beads to move around inside them and stimulate their prostate and anus, resulting in juicy pleasure sensations.

  • Weighted beads

These are hollow with internal balls that move around as you move, creating a vibration-like sensation.

Butt Plugs & Anal Beads

B Ball Duo Butt Plug | Fun Factory

  • Bendy Beads

These are beads that are flexible and easy to bend in any which way you’d like.

How to use Anal Beads?

  1. Choose Beginner-Friendly Anal Beads

Firstly, make sure to choose a set of anal beads that are well-sized (not too big), and made from body-safe materials.

As a beginner, we recommend starting with a tapered set of beads that start small and gradually get bigger with each bead—that way you can increase size and length as you get more comfortable.

Look for a set that has smaller beads that gradually increase in size. As you advance, you may want to progress to a toy that has beads that are all the same size or varying sizes and maybe even vibrations.

Most sex toy shops will give you a good idea as to which of their toys are beginner-friendly.

Pleasure Intensified Silicone Anal Beads Hand | Fifty Shades of Grey


2. Inspect the product

Like any new product you buy, inspect the product first and make sure there are no faults that you can identify.

Take them out of the packaging, wash them thoroughly, and then look at them very carefully. Look for any seams, tears or sharp edges.

For plastic anal beads, use an Emory board to file down any edges so that everything is even and smooth.

If you’ve ordered anal beads that are meant to be made from a non-porous material, look for any holes or bits missing from the material.

If you find any kind of issue or flaws, return the product immediately before using it.

3. Clear the canals

For any kind of anal play (including anal sex), some prefer to clear out the canals first.

The fastest and easiest way to get this done is by using an anal enema or anal douche.

Please take precautions when doing this and make sure you don’t overdo it.

Read more about this process here.

4. Use a Condom (During Partner Play)

Using a condom is the best way to keep your anal beads clean, make them last longer and reduce the risk of transmitting any unwanted infections.

If you’re the only one using your anal toy then it’s not necessary, but if you are ever planning on sharing your beads it’s best to take precautions. Make sure to use a new condom each time the beads are used—this is very important!!

5. Lube is Key

As to how to use anal beads, applying a generous amount of anal lube to the anal beads is imperative to making your experience an enjoyable one.

The anal cavity does not have its own natural lubrication so that’s why lube is going to be your absolute best friend here!

Add lube to both the toy and anus cavity for ease of insertion and keep adding lube if you feel you require more. Don’t be shy!

Using a good anal lube is important! Choose from our top-quality selection here.

6. Start Solo and go slow

When you’re new to a toy, we advise you to always try it out on your own first so that you can get a feel for it, without all the pressure of someone else being involved.

This way you can get to know how to use the anal beads properly and get comfortable using them without feeling self-conscious.

Take some quiet time to yourself where you can go slow and explore each sensation.

7. Relax your Sphincter Muscles and Push Outward

When it comes to inserting anal beads, you want to relax your sphincter muscles and push outward—like when you poop (just make sure you have beforehand or this could be a sh*t experience.)

You will then take your time and slowly insert each bead one at a time.

8. Insert the Anal Beads in one by one

As you insert each bead one and a time, go slow and don’t insert too many too soon.

It may feel very strange at first and this is totally normal, it will take some time for your body to adjust.

It’s the contracting of your anus around the beads that will give you the most pleasure!

Be very mindful of the sensations that you are feeling and if you feel any pain whatsoever, add more lube or stop and gently pull the beads out slowly.

Do not yank or rip them out as this could result in a tear due to the anus being a very sensitive area.

9. Pull the beads out One at a Time

When you feel you’ve gone far enough and you’ve reached your maximum, gently pull the beads out one at a time.

With each round of inserting and removing the anal beads, you will feel that the process will get much easier and more pleasurable.

Practise makes perfect and the more you do it the more your butt will crave backdoor play.

10. How Anal Beads Provide Pleasure

Anal beads are mainly effective when being inserted and removed from your anus as they pass along the two ringed sphincter muscles, which will create a series of pleasurable sensations as each bead passes these muscles.

Think of it as very similar to having any other muscle massaged, just that these muscles don’t get massaged very often.

Same with your more common massages, some people will really enjoy the sensation and others won’t like it at all—find what works for you and brings you the most pleasure.

Three popular ways to use anal beads:

Foreplay: these toys are great for getting the juices flowing before the main event, as well as for more intense masturbation when having some solo time.

Climax: Remove the anal beads just as you climax for an even more powerful orgasm! Maximum pleasure usually comes when using the beads in combination with foreplay, oral sex, or penetrative sex.

Anal beads as the main show: just focusing on the use of anal beads is not the most common way to use them, but for those who really love anal stimulation then this is perfect. If you’re doing this with a partner, getting them to the remove anal beads at their discretion can be really kinky and lots of fun.

11. Silicone material is a top choice

Silicone is the number one choice as it’s safe and gentle on your body, and it’s also non-porous, so it doesn’t harbour bacteria, which is very important when it comes to using sex toys.

Stainless steel is also a good option, but it can look very intimidating when you’re a beginner.

Pleasure Intensified Silicone Anal Beads Bag | Fifty Shades of Grey

12. Anal Bead Partner Play

Using anal beads with a partner can be an exceptionally fun and thrilling experience. It can provide an opportunity for a lot of foreplay build-up and teasing, as well as an element of power play.

It’s really up to you how you want to go about it, but we advise being very cautious and mindful when playing with a partner as the tissues in the anus and rectum are much softer and easier to tear.

Communication and trust is key to having an experience that is enjoyable for both parties, so make sure you discuss things before anyone sticks anything anywhere.

Read our blog on the top sex tips to spice up your sex life here.

13. Clean your Anal Beads Religiously

This is non-negotiable and may seem pretty obvious, but we will reiterate it anyway.

Cleaning your anal beads will prevent you from contracting any unwanted infections from any faecal matter and bacteria that may be present.

Clean your anal beads before and after every use. One way is to boil your beads in water for a few minutes as this will boil away any potential bacteria that is looming.

Make sure your beads have cooled down completely before using them!


Check out our blog post on how to clean your sex toy here.

Dos and Don’ts of using anal beads:

  • Don’t purchase beads that use nylon string as this makes it very difficult to clean and remove any bacteria.
  • Do start off with smaller beads and increase size later. It’s not a race and you don’t want to compromise your butt in any way.
  • Do clean your anal beads before and after use and then again once more just for good measure!
  • Don’t be fooled by porn and try to replicate how a sex toy is used in a movie in real life.
  • Do be very careful to avoid passing any material or fluids from the anus to the vagina as anal bacteria can wreak havoc here. So make sure to be vigilant about washing hands or using latex when required. 


Whether you are wanting to prepare for anal sex or just dip your toe into the world of anal play, anal beads are the perfect place to start.

We hope you found this guide useful in taking that leap into the unknown, we promise the bead is worth the squeeze.

If you have any questions or comments, please drop us a message below and we’ll be happy to get back to you.

Have a butt-loving time!