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Why We Love Hot Octopuss

Determined to reinvent the industry, Hot Octopuss follows its wild imagination in creating cutting edge sex toys which give pleasure to every body. Breaking taboos around masturbation since 2013, Hot Octopuss is legendary for inventing the first ever ‘guybrator’. It’s no wonder why this brand has won many prestigious awards for their innovative sex toys!

Why You Will Too

Hot Octopuss combine scientific innovation, first-class technology and a passion for pleasure to give you a range of daring sex toys to choose from. If you’re after solo play, the Pulse 3 Solo Male Masturbator or the Queen Bee Clitoral Stimulator are your golden tickets to earth-shaking orgasms. Or if you’re looking for something indulgent to share with your partner, their vibrating cock ring or the Pulse 3 Duo Oscillating Male Masturbator & Couples Vibrator will take your sex life to the next, immensely satisfying, level.