Booty Camp: Butt Plugs For Beginners.

Booty Camp: Butt Plugs For Beginners

Hello lovers… and let’s jump right into it. Anal sex. Tee-hee. Butt plugs. Hehe. Yes, it’s ok to have a little giggle, because there is no sweet, romantic way to talk about sexing in the ass. How’s your sweet backside doing in the anal department? Had anything up there lately, or ever? Perhaps you have tried, and decided to butt out after a bad experience? If so, it may have been because you were inexperienced, and didn’t know that you needed a bit of training before going the whole hog. Booty camp, if you will.

Anuses are not vaginas: they don’t engorge and soften in the same way when aroused, and they lack those magical self-lubricating skills. Any kind of anal penetration requires major amounts of lubrication, or the delicate tissue can be torn. More and more people are getting into using their anuses for sexual pleasure. Men, well, because their prostrates are the male equal to the clitoris. And women enjoy them for a number of reasons, one of the primary ones being that filling up back there, makes it much tighter in the front. Double penetration, anyone?

Used during masturbation or oral sex, a butt plug can also add a whole new dimension to your orgasms. For some, it is just the psychological impact of something that has been such a taboo. And, that said, it is rapidly becoming less so as the gay movements take hold, coupled with more media attention on things like pegging. But it is not something you jump into; you may well experience some discomfort initially, so here are our…

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  1. Try it out alone first. This will give you time to practice, in private, relaxing while you assess the fit and feel.
  2. Take a good trip to the bathroom beforehand. Relax and let it all go. Am I being too subtle? Poop is what I’m saying. You don’t have to, but it does empty you out for comfort and confidence.
  3. Be clean and serene: nothing wrong with an anal douche, or at least a finger with some lovely natural soap.
  4. Do not use strong soaps! The lower part of the rectum does not house what comes out of one’s bowels. A gentle cleaning, even with just some warm water, is enough.
  5. Use a silicone-based lube, which offers the most slippery lubrication.
  6. Start small and soft. Beginners must use the smallest size butt plugs in the most flexible material, like a top-shelf medical grade silicone
  7. You could start even with a finger or 3 so you can really get a lay of the land.
  8. Take your time; start low and go slow (like your doc will tell you with certain medications!). No quickies here.
  9. Be very gentle, never forceful! Gently rock the butt plug, inserting it slo-owly. You can even lie on your side, with your knees pulled up a bit.
  10. Don’t tense up while you are becoming accustomed to the sensation.
  11. STOP if it becomes uncomfortable. Re-ass-ess. Start again.
  12. Communicate, communicate, communicate! If you can’t talk to your partner, they have no business in your anus.
  13. Flared base, flared base, FLARED BASE. At the point of orgasm, the muscles contract and you do not want a trip to the ER to dislodge a foreign object that has been sucked up.
  14. Never let anyone coerce you. If you have tried a few times and you don’t like it, don’t do it. This should be a pleasure, not pressure.


You get so many variations of sizes and materials. Some come in sets of multiple sizes so you can work your way up from beginner, to intermediate, and up to advanced.

You have your choices of metal, silicones, plastics, glass, ones with glittering crystals (for your partner’s viewing pleasure) and even ones with furry tails! And then, with the wonders of modern technology – you can get vibrating butt-plugs too! Oh, and what about vibrators with attached anal beads…

An exciting array that will offer you orgasmic good times up the wazzoo! Need more info on back door pleasures? Read Olivia’s post on anal for beginners.

Bottoms up


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