Christmas Is Coming… But Is She?

Christmas Is Coming


We start a lot of our posts with a PSA that Sex Toys Are Good For You, but it bears repeating, right?

Sex toys can improve your love life and could even save your relationship. They have the strength and stamina you may not be able to conjure up yourself, and so they make sex better, by making your job easier.

Peen is great, we are big fans of it, but most of them do come in a pretty standard format and sometimes one needs to change the game up a bit. Sex toys can be your secret weapon by doing a lot of the heavy lifting for you. Using an accessory like vibrators, for example, gives you a broad variety of options, like Wireless, Rabbits, Bullets, G-spot vibrators and so many more!

If you are both new to the game, start small. Don’t barge in with a giant, pull-cord, light-up Terminator-vibrator. Keep that for later in the relationship lol. Vibes come in all shapes, sizes, and colours, so start with something of a neutral shape and colour; incorporating a petite, quiet vibrator into your lovemaking can really change the game.

See our post on how to bring up the subject of sex toys to your partner, if you need that info.

And for now, let’s go-go, and focus on 3 vital areas:

  • Lips
  • Nips
  • And Clit.


We’re talking about your lips here.

You want her to have those orgasms, but we know that sometimes your jaw feels like the hinges are going to crack under the strain, and your tongue goes numb during another long session of “are you there yet?”. Using a sex toy along with your tongue and fingers can speed things up, by giving her, and you, some help along the way. A small vibe on her clit, nipples, anus or inside of her, can put her on the road to that big, big O.


Nipples rule! But they do take a deft touch.

We suggest you use some smooth oils or lubes, to really stimulate all those nerve endings. Blowing softly, with an open mouth creates heat, so use your mouth to make her nipples bloom. And then, because variety is the spice of sex, change it up by blowing in a more direct way, through pursed lips. This creates a cold stream, which will have her lovely nips tight and raised. There are also dedicated nipple toys including suction cups and nipple clamps, that will do a phenomenal job!


Does the clitoris have you stumped? Is that little nubbin a mystery you feel you can never solve?

You’re not alone, friend. Every woman has different feelings and needs, and when it is your job to figure them out, you can use some help. One thing we suggest is: don’t go straight for it like a Staffie on a steak! Play, tease, play some more. Maybe get some fruits and make her guess at what you are rubbing her with, or talk dirty to her while lightly rubbing at it, or ask her fantasies while doing the same. And toys, friend… toys, toys, toys! Clit-stims come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and vibes. All you have to do it type the word CLITORUS into our search box, for a glorious array we can send you in days!

The world’s most expensive vibrator is white gold and diamond-encrusted – at a mind-blowing $55,000 that may stretch the budget, but put something special in her stocking and you’ll both be having a holly, jolly X-rated X-mas.

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Have a sexy day,

xoxo from Oliva Grey