What the suck? The Blow-Down on Clitoral Suction Toys.

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If you haven’t yet heard of suction or air pulsing toys, let us take you through the ins-and-outs of these wonderful new(ish) inventions. After all, they have had women everywhere reaching revolutionary orgasmic heights with the latest technology in pleasure products.

What are Clitoral suction toys?

While we very much love the good vibrations of our old-faithful rabbits, wands, and bullets, this alternate type of toy is an entirely new sensory experience that uses fluctuating air pressure in place of a vibrating motor.

This style of the toy has a rounded or oval nozzle so to speak which covers the clitoris. This allows pinpoint accuracy to stimulate the outer tip. When the nozzle is gently sealed over the area, these toys create a pulsing air sensation rather than direct contact. These sonic waves excite the nerves creating an orgasmic sensation unlike any you may have felt before.

Why suction toys are so popular?

If you haven’t yet read reviews on these devices, I highly recommend starting with the hilarious piece written for a product by Tracy’s Dog. This Amazon review went viral sparking the craze which made these toys one of the most sought-after pleasure aids.

Tracy’s Dog toy is not alone in receiving roaring reviews. Different brands of clitoral suction toys have all been raved about. Many women have stated that they reach intensely powerful orgasms, in less time than it takes to blend your smoothie.

Let’s talk Clit.

The Clitoris is, as we know by now – is the path for the vast majority of women to reach climax. In fact, more than 75% of women require clitoral stimulation to reach orgasm and can not easily hit those high notes from penetration alone.

The tip has over 8000 nerve endings, which is twice that of the average penis. That’s literally not the half of it, the clit also spreads the feeling to around 15 000 more nerves in the pelvic area. (hence the full-body jolting when you reach that glorious O!).

The external tip (glanis) is just a peek of the entire clitoral organ. Internally the clitoris is shaped like a wishbone around the vaginal canal, which like most of the organ – becomes engorged when aroused increasing in sensitivity and adding to your pleasure time.

That being said, clitoral stimulation can be tricky and it takes some time to figure out how your magic button works. As we are all unique- no two clits are the same, therefore to get the most out of your orgasms it is vital to understand the kind of stimulation you enjoy.

Some women are less sensitive and opt for full speed turbo vibrators that make your teeth rattle, others are more sensitive and wiggle around at even light touching from a finger or a lucky tongue. This is where suction toys come in to play.

Which little sucker is perfect for you?

The Womanizer Liberty

Enter a world of sensual experience that will surely enhance your life. This toy is definitely not your average vibrator.

Commonly referred to as a “clit sucker”, the Liberty is a compact device which offers gentle to intense stimulation beyond comparison.

Prepare for take-off, six speeds of intensity will take you from ‘ooh’ to ‘AHH’ at the push of a button. Wonderful for masturbation or to use with a partner, get ready for multiple orgasms like never before.

USB rechargeable, this toy provides 2 hours of continuous high-powered pleasure. Not that most of us can even last more than a couple of minutes without gripping at the sheets. The convenient cover allows for hygienic transportation in a sleek discrete design.

The Liberty will give you an exquisite lust for pleasure while you celebrate your femininity.

Womanizer Duo

Enjoy the best of both worlds with the Womanizer Duo.

Internal vibrations and external pulsation will give you the dual stimulation of a lifetime.

The perfect combination of rigorous clitoral and G-spot stimulation. The velvety-soft Duo, with its luscious gold trimmings, is the most intuitive toy around. We strongly recommend it to anyone with a clitoris, who enjoys mind-blowing and lightning-fast orgasms.

The DUO has two powerful motors for optimal action. The ergonomic silhouette is designed to adapt to your body shape to ensure ideal stimulation of all your “HotSpots”.

Equipped with Smart Silence Technology, the Duo only activates when it first touches against the skin – when sealed over the clitoris.

Well worth the investment. Sexual pleasure is a human right, and the Duo is leading the march! Changing the world, one orgasm (maybe multiple) at a time.

Lelo Sona 2 Cruise

When the Lelo founders started the company, they had beauty in mind. They aimed to make sex toys so elegantly crafted that you would be able to leave them on display on your nightstand as a small piece of art.

What sets this model apart from other pleasure products, is the cruise control feature.

As you approach the peak of your climax most people naturally press pleasure devices harder against their bodies. This usually reduces the intensity of the overworking motor.

The Sona 2 Cruise, however, reserves 20% of its motor power during normal use. When pressure is sensed the Cruise Control kicks in, ginning you that extra push you need to hit those high notes.

Since it’s made from a single piece of silicon, it’s waterproof and super easy to clean, too.

We-Vibe Melt

We-Vibe delivers some of the highest quality devices on the market. The Melt is no exception. The powder-soft coral silicone and the sleek organic lines of this exceptional device will have you falling in love.

From soft fluttery kisses to electrifying pulsing over your clitoris. This little device is not to be underestimated. The Melt has 12 different levels of pure pleasure air technology waves, vibes, and suctions to choose from.

This air pulsing clitoral massager is also app-controlled and ideal for long-distance relationships. Let your partner control your toy, making you orgasm from anywhere in the world.

The Melt is also far quieter than its counterparts making it ideal for underwater pleasure. Due to its slim design, it can also be held between you and your partner during sex, making it an awesome couples toy.

    Well, there you have it.

    No touch technology has many great benefits, like Instant orgasms, deeper orgasms, and of course the holy grail, Multiple Orgasms.

    Whichever device you chose, put a towel down and clear your calendar.

    I honestly can’t recommend this kind of stimulation enough. Anyone and everyone with a vagina should experience clitoral suction at least once in their lives.

    Whether you use these toys on your own or with a partner, these pleasure aids are the way of the future.