Erectile Dysfunction. Hard-On Hacks For Great Sex


Hi Lovers, hope all is well in your world…

Listen, we are about to touch on a sensitive subject and if it hits a nerve, please just strap in. Or strap on, or whatever you like. Ok here goes.

Sometimes, men can’t get erect.

That’s it.

That’s all. Nothing more hectic than that, although I know that many of you men feel that it is something to be ashamed of, and many partners of men with Erectile Dysfunction (ED) feel that it is something to skirt around.

I advocate finding some hard-on hacks to keep you from parking your sex life on the shelf.  An erection does not necessarily mean a good sex life. An overwhelming number of women do not orgasm through penetrative sex. And if you’re a gay man, you know there are so many more ways to get it on than just by topping.

So bone up in other areas – think about sexy and sensual bedroom activities that do not involve PIV (Penis In Vagina). Or PIA. Bedroom being the kitchen counter, bathroom shower, balcony, garden, movie theatre, coffee-shop rest-room or wherever your desires lead you… really, expand your hot-spot horizons.

There is a wealth of information online for you to read up on erectile dysfunction, but to start with…


  1. BE UPBEAT: Stay positive; let him know how much you value him and remind him (and show him!) often that this hasn’t changed how you feel about him. Be aware of his performance anxieties due to erectile dysfunction and create an atmosphere of trust.
  2. SPEAK UP: Don’t ask him a million questions but rather bring some new ideas to the table on a use-them-don’t-use-them basis. Don’t be pushy but make sure he knows that it is safe to open up to you, too.
  3. READ UP: Have some facts and workarounds at your fingertips; come to the party with games and great sexual aids that can take the focus off penetrative sex. Find out about lifestyle changes and natural treatments to help with erectile dysfunction too, and show them to him without pressurising him.
  4. GET UP: And by that, I mean get up his bum. Seriously, there is such a wealth of pleasure to be found through his prostate. Get into it. Help him to forget all about what’s going on around the front. (Remember to stock up on lube!)


This is what sex toys are created to do: add pleasure, spice, and longevity to your sex life. The top 2 are great aids for men who do get partial erections, and the rest require no peen at all.


  1. PENIS PUMPS: That work with a dynamic vacuum action to help get the blood flowing up into the penis.
  2. COCK RINGS: That slip easily onto the base of the penis once erect or semi-erect, trapping life-blood where it needs to be, in that shaft! Check out this post to read more about cock-rings, and this one to read about penis pumps.
  3. VIBRATING BULLETS: These are just what you need to get in and around the pleasure spots like his scrotum, backside and other erogenous zones.
  4. VIBRATORS: They can be used instead of a penis, and also all over the rest of the genital areas, anally, and on nipples and lips and, and, and…
  5. DILDOS: Just without the buzz. Hot nonetheless.
  6. BUTT PLUGS: Can give both of you hours of pure pleasure.
  7. HOLLOW STRAP-ONS: I would really only recommend for men who feel very comfortable with them. If so, they can be the biggest little helper!
  8. KINK ACCESSORIES: Changing up the dynamic is always a great way to reinvigorate your sex life, so stock up on blindfolds, restraints, attire, and all the fun pieces that a little light BDSM can bring!
  9. COUPLES TOYS: There some brilliant wireless toys available – lovely little bits that go with your lovely little bits, and separate remote controls for him to manage your pleasure from a distance. Let him have the power in his pocket!
  10. MOBILE DEVICESIf you keep in sexy comms when you are away from one another, with your physical bodies not involved … when you do get together you will already be buzzing.

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Hope this helped someone, and please feel free to comment and add your input!


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