Fleshlight: Ultimate Beginners Guide To Pleasure


The ‘Fleshlight’, making your masturbation dreams come true circa 1998. 

If you’ve ever thought that women get all the deliciously naughty options when it comes to sex toys, then you’ve missed the boat on one of the most popular male masturbators around. 

It seems the ever admired dildo is often the talk of the town, and in many respects considered to be more accepted, whereas something like the Fleshlight masturbator is more taboo. 

Just a regular bunch of contradictory humans, aren’t we? 

With that said, we are here to give you the entire low down, making any Fleshlight rookie an expert in no time. 

So strap on in, and get ready to shoot your load in what will be your best f*cking friend for the rest of your life!

The History Behind The Fleshlight

Steve Shubin, an ex-cop from LA County specifically invented this “device for discreet sperm collection” as a way to pleasure himself during a time when he was unable to have sex with his pregnant wife. 

As she was 40 years old (making it high risk) at the time, their doctors had advised that they abstain from any sexual intercourse during the pregnancy, so as to make sure there were no complications. 

Steve, apathetic to the idea of having to jerk off for nine months, discussed with his wife, Kathy, alternatives he could make use of while she was “closed for business”. 

After some deliberation, they had this realisation that there must be a great need among men who are handicapped, maybe psychologically or physiologically, and who are unable to enjoy sex in the traditional way. 

“We started thinking this way because there was a much bigger opportunity than my current, very narrow, issue,” explained Steve to  Vice Magazine.

After looking at the market, there wasn’t much competition when it came to sex toys for men.

With an initial investment of $50 000, their first invention were mannequins “with sexual applications”, which weren’t selling at all because of their overly sexual qualities which left much to be discreet. 

Quick to think of a redesign, Steve knew that it had to be portable, small and fit easily into a man’s hand. 

“I thought, guys, are into tools. And what I had settled on was a flashlight, so I decided to call it Fleshlight,” he said to Vice Magazine.

Fast forward and Fleshlight has become the world’s top-selling sex toy in a now a multi-million dollar industry. 

That’s one hell of a banging idea! Men across the world thank you, Steve! 

Someone give that man a Bells!

Fleshlight Warehouse


Fleshlight Warehouse

What is a Fleshlight?

A Fleshlight is pretty much one the best male masturbators and sex toys for men out there, and we all know how good masturbation is for you – if you don’t, then you’d better learn here

Fleshlights are perfect for enhancing masturbation and taking it to the next life-like level.

This male sex accessory has the outward appearance of a torch or flashlight. The difference is that in place of a bulb there is a space for a bulb (your penis being the bulb) to be planted.

Inside sits something called a SuperSkin sleeve, which is made from a soft, pliable, real-feel material, designed to give you a feeling that is as close as you can get to skin on skin. 

It’s created to give you the same juicy sensations as you get during penetrative sex. 

This is done through a combination of two main factors: the textures that stimulate the penis, along with various pressure points, and the suction. 

And whatever your orifice preference is vagina, anus or mouth, we’ve got you covered!

Who Can Use The Fleshlight?

Fleshlights work for large, small or average penises alike. They are perfect for intense quickies or long indulgent sessions.

Currently, this is the world’s biggest-selling male masturbation sex toy, and the inventor has revealed that to date they have sold over 7 million. 

The internet is flooded with reviews by men raving about the body-shaking orgasms, which they say are far more intense than those brought on by hand masturbation alone.

Likewise, Fleshlight toys are also starting to gain popularity through mentions in popular shows, movies, and on social media. 

Click here to hear Joe Rogan’s podcast, in which he and his guests discuss which of them has used a Fleshlight, and how good it was!

But these bad boy toys are also not just used by singles, Fleshlights are being introduced into couple’s play for many partners. 

They can bring a whole new dimension to foreplay, fantasy, and can also be used to fill the gaps on the nights when the female partner may want to purely be the voyeur.

So for the ladies reading, the fleshlight is the perfect sex toy for those nights when you just don’t feel like penetration, making it the sexiest gift to give your main man!


Anatomy of The Fleshlight

There are an array of Fleshlight toys to choose from to satisfy that throbbing member of yours. 

They come in all different sizes and designs, with varying actions and vacuums. 

Fleshlights are comprised of:

  1. A sturdy casing. This doesn’t look like anything other than an inconspicuous bulky camping flashlight casing.
  2. A front-end cap: to protect the orifice mould.
  3. A back-end cap: this is used to control the suction.
  4. A flexible, soft sleeve: these are designed to replicate vaginal, oral or anal sex and they come in the following shapes: 
    • Mouth
    • Butt
    • Vagina

There is a Fleshlight to suit your pussy preference, as well as meet any particular freak fantasy. 

Do you have any fantasy that would be impossible to replicate in real life? The fantasy designs include aliens and a wide “Freaks’ range.

There are even ones available called Fleshlight Girls, which have had vagina moulds created from real adult film stars!


Fleshlight Girls

These are the exact moulded replicas of your favourite adult film stars.

Can you imagine watching a clip of your top sexy superstar, and having her intimate parts right there with you, at your disposal? 

Are you into Arabella Danger? Bibi Jones? Abigail Mac, or Black Angelica? Premier porn aficionados will recognize those names and appreciate every curve and fold of those sizzling hot porn starlets. 

Take your fantasies to a whole new level by bringing their perfectly replicated, warm vulvas, booties or mouth – right onto your own lap!

Here are our top sex cats (in no particular order) available on our site – you’re just a few clicks away from having their pussies in your pocket. 

Each sleeve differs, so be sure to read up and take a look at which one will be the best fit for you.

Fleshlight Textures

Upfront, don’t get a fright when you see the textures – some of them are really intricate, and can look quite extreme. 

Fleshlight internal sleeves come in over a hundred non-textured and textured designs and some of them may appear a little overwhelming at first. 

But, as soon as you use one, you will find the bumps and ridges deliciously soft and flexible, due to that brilliant SuperSkin material.

Some of the textures include:

  • Original Texture: this looks like a long tube, smooth inside, with obvious flexibility.
  • Speed Bump: looks like a condom filled with peas!
  • Super Ribbed: has a corrugated look, with loads of tightly packed ridges.
  • Vortex: this one looks like it has been wrapped in thick strands that meet and then separate at short intervals.

Beyond this, there is a wide range of different styles with names like “Bump N Grind”, “Twista”, and “Cougar”. 

One can only smile at the genius minds that thought them up, and the hundreds of hours they must have spent experimenting!

Fleshlight Textures

Finding Your Fleshlight Fit

If you are using a Fleshlight for the first time: 

  • Use a gentle sleeve, and graduate to the more textured sleeves when you are more acclimatized.

If you have a sensitive penis: 

  • Stick to the same rule as above. Rather use a non-textured sleeve. This way you can just enjoy the smooth sensuality, without the possible risk of being overly stimulated.

If you are circumcised: 

  • You can handle a little extra stimulation, so feel free to go for the texture. But remember, you can easily ‘start low and go slow’, as you will feel plenty stimulated with a smoother texture (and there is plenty to look forward to).

If you have a slimmer penis: 

  • There are many tighter designs just for you! NOTE: Tighter is not necessarily better for everyone. Just like the more textured designs are not for everyone. That’s why there is such a variety to choose from.

If you have a larger penis: 

  • The general inner length of a Fleshlight is around 9 inches, so it can accommodate even the most humungous of men!

If you have any kind of penis at all: 

  • You will fall in love with the vibrating Fleshlight! This is made possible by 3 individual bullets that are inserted into the Fleshlight ‘side-pockets’. These do not give an overwhelming buzz but are a fantastic addition to the already amazing feelings. Plus, the vibrating bullets are placed at the front so they also create a substantial tightening of the orifice entrance.

Want to know how to travel with your sex toys? 

Get ready to pack your pleasure here!

How To Use a Fleshlight

Our number one rule for using one of these sex toys is to have fun and let the imagination run wild! The Fleshlight is your oyster, so get down and deep!

The Fleshlight is an easy sex toy to use, that’s in our opinion the best way to masturbate (for men). 

It guarantees mind-blowing offloads, that will put to shame any lotion hand session you’ve had before. 


Besides the simple usability of inserting your penis into the orifice, here are some must-do factors when using yours: 

  • Remove the plastic canal – this has been inserted into the sleeve to maintain its shape.
  • Warm it up – the Fleshlight material is designed to keep temperature. This gives it that realistic feeling it’s revered for. Fleshlight does make a Warming Stand. You can soak it in a sink of hot tap water, or you can just hold it under a running tap of hot water. Do not put it in a microwave! We repeat DO NOT put it in the microwave!
  • Lubrication makes everything better! Use the lubrication down the length of your penis, on the opening of the Fleshlight and on the inside of the tube. Remember that if you are used to having the natural juices of the vagina, then these need to be replaced.
  • Keep one hand lube-free! Do not apply lubrication to the hand that is moving the casing, as your hand will slip and you may find it quite frustrating.
  • Use only water-based lubes, as silicone versions can be damaging to the material.

Get to know your suction cap! The looser it is, the less ‘suck’ in the suction. The more you tighten it, the more suction you create. 

If you leave the small end cap on your masturbator during use, you will notice a suction effect on the backstroke. 

Using your hand to restrict airflow at the bottom will cause it to increase to an even more intense suction sensation.

Masturbation Techniques and Tips

Missionary Baby

Wedge the masturbator just under a pillow with the end of the orifice sticking out, thrust and penetrate it like you would a partner in the missionary position. You could also place it in a shoe to keep it steady and go from there. 

Shower Time 

Take your toy into the shower for some wet and wild fun. The best part? Once you’ve cummed your face off, the clean up is minimal. 

And if the thought of having to hold it the whole time frustrates you, then we’ve got you sorted with the Fleshlight Shower Mount, which will make all your hand’s free dreams come true!

Hands-Free Friskiness

Stick your Fleshlight toy between a mattress and bed base, under the cushions of your coach, or even use an inflatable pool toy. Get onto your knees and thrust your member into its orifice. 

Get Curious

Find new positions to really get the absolute most pleasure out of your Fleshlight. Half the fun is exploring positions you maybe wouldn’t usually do with the traditional jerk off.  

Stamina Training

The Pink Lady Stamina Training Unit (STU) is a specific masturbator designed for orgasm delay training. 

While there are many different Fleshlight sleeves to choose from for everyday masturbation, this one is designed to most closely replicate the true sensation of intercourse with its optimum internal 1/2″ (13mm) canal diameter and its realistic texture.

This one is particularly clever as it works two ways – as a pleasure masturbator AND as a tool to work on increasing your stamina and endurance. 

This will allow you to work on your orgasm controlling game without the great pressure of pleasing a woman at the same time, making things a lot simpler, both mentally and physically. 

Work on your stamina for a while and you’ll be able to have every girl begging for more with your intense control. 

Why Lube & Choosing The Right One For Your Fleshlight

Make sure you choose the correct lube for your fleshlight as there are some that could permanently ruin it.

  • As mentioned already use water-based lubes as they are safe for all sexual activities. They are usually free of colour, taste, smell, and stain so most can use them.
  • The lube must be long-lasting and smooth.
  • Those with sensitive skin should try to avoid parabens, phenoxyethanol, glycerin, propylene glycol or chlorhexidine if possible.
  • The lube should be easy to clean off.
  • Be mindful of your skin and any reactions it can have. Avoid lubes that you think will irritate or harm your skin. Stop use immediately if any reaction occurs after using. 
  • Check the viscosity, or thickness, of the lube. The higher the viscosity the more pleasure you will have as it lasts longer.
  • Avoid lube that’s too sticky.
  • Go for a lube from a trusted brand.

How To Clean a Fleshlight

Due to the fact that the Fleshlight is coming into direct contact with your skin, it needs to be completely clean — and owing to the nubs and bumps — this needs to be done thoroughly. 

Rinse the sleeve with a liberal amount of hot water. Be sure to open it wide, and really let the water do its job. You can even turn it inside out, as the material is so flexible. 

Particularly with the more textured designs, you need to make sure that you get them super clean. Get a good toy-cleaning product for this as well. 

Do not use soaps or detergents as this will damage the SuperSkin.

After rinsing, use an anti-bacterial sex toy cleaner like FleshWash. Spray it liberally, both inside and out. Do not rinse that off and allow it to air-dry in a well-ventilated area. 

Please don’t close it up or stash it until it is properly dry as this will render it less-than-fresh when you open it next.

Once cleaned, you will notice that the texture has changed slightly, so in order to prolong the life of your toy, this is where you need your Renewing Powder

This brings the toy back to that original skin-like texture, also preserving the material and protecting it from wearing out.

  1. Coat the Fleshlight generously, don’t be shy.
  2. Do this only once fully dry!
  3. Do not use other baby or talcum powders – they contain perfumes and preservatives that will damage the fine material.

Keep the casing clean too. Rule of thumb is to keep the entire unit completely clean between uses, in order to avoid any potential of bacteria lurking.

Want to learn more about keeping your toys clean? 

Read on here!


Personal Hygiene & Toy Cleaner

FleshWash Toy Cleaner 100ml | Fleshlight


Male Masturbators

Renewing Powder | Fleshlight

Fleshlight Cleaning

Our Top 3 Fleshlights and Why:

Vagina – Classic Pink Lady:

This is one of the original designs, and the feeling is so incredibly realistic that it remains an all-time favourite. 

It stimulates the inner smoothness of a woman and is ideal for those men who are more sensitive. 

We love it because it does the job so well and is an unintimidating beginner’s item that remains a “firm” fave.

Mouth – The Fleshlight Turbo:

This toy is a bit more subtle as it doesn’t look like a mouth, yet gives a hyper-realistic ‘blowjob’. 

This is due to its 3-layered inner textures, which are designed to feel like the lips, tongue and then the tightness of the throat. 

We love it because… who doesn’t enjoy a good old fashioned blowjob!

Booty – The Pure:

This anal Fleshlight provides intense stimulation and has incredible constrictions. For men wishing to experiment with anal, this is a fantastic toy. 

Practice on this and you will have lots of stamina for future anal adventures! 

We love it because anal is a tight fit pleasure that is not always easy to find, and this is a brilliant alternative to the real deal.

Buying My Fleshlight Online

Buying a Fleshlight online gives you complete discretion and the time and privacy you need to make your decision. 

It also offers a range of choice, and there certainly is a variety to choose from! 

We ensure the most discreet delivery, making sure it will be the best gift you ever give yourself. 

Or if you are sending it to a partner, it will arrive in a plain box with nothing on the packaging, or on your credit card bill to reflect what’s inside.

So what are you waiting for? 

Take your masturbation or partner play to the next orgasmic level now!

Till next time,

Happy masturbating!