Happy Wife, Happy (Sex) Life

Happy Wife, Happy Sex Life

Why does your wife shut you down when all you want is a little lovin’? There are 3 main reasons she may be turning her back on you in bed: stress, mess, and not looking at her best. You can help with all of that!

Stress is the enemy of sexiness! Give her a soothing massage after a day at work – start with her neck and work your way down. And when the massage turns sexy, give her, and you, a really happy ending to the day.

If she’s overworked, she is definitely not feeling her best! If you’re not currently stepping up at home, she may be feeling unappreciated and resentful. Think of ways to take the load off her, and you will see the benefits of her appreciation.

Lastly: you love her, you want her, you don’t give a screw about any ripple or a wrinkle she may have. But she may. And that may be why she is not giving an actual screw! Over long-term relationships, our bodies change, and maybe she simply does not feel as sexy as she did before.

Just remember, you have to attend to the whole of her that you have to attend to, to get her engaged with that one part of you! She just needs to feel cared for and admired, and here are our 20 top tips, in no particular order, to help you do just that!


  1. Admire her in public, compliment her in front of others
  2. Flirt with her!
  3. Make her laugh! Get all those joy chemicals flooding her mind and body.
  4. Send her a sexy text while she’s not with you.
  5. But make it verrrrrrrry personal: “I have a photo in my mind, of you, coming in my arms. See you later, Beautiful”
  6. Groom yourself. Get some new cologne, dress a little better. Men should come to that party too, Boo.
  7. Grab her for a kiss or a nuzzle whenever you can, with no sex-pectations of more. Build that tension!
  1. Get some toys! And if you are both toy-box newbies, click here to read how to easily introduce those into your sex life
  2. Fix something! How many times does she have to ask you before she gets that headache, he-llo!
  3. Light candles, play music, do those ambience-raising little things that she loves.
  4. Run her a bubbly, me—time bath…
  5. And when she is done, lead her to the shower, and take a warm sexy spritz together. Be sure to have some lube on hand; shower sex can get a bit squeaky.
  6. Give her a long, focused foot massage.
  7. Give her some time to relax. If you have kids, take the little energy-suckers for a nice long Sunday afternoon!
  8. Buy her something nice! Something nice, that you also like…
  1. Let her get some sleep.
  2. Think about her fantasies, and can make them come true,
  3. Roleplay. Does she want to be the Mistress, the Sweetie, the Farmgirl? Give her what she wants…get your rewards at the finish line!
  4. Thrill her – quick breathing quickens the heart, and when the heart races, it mimics the feeling of sexual arousal. Take her on a roller coaster or a zip line, or even a kak-scary movie.
  5. Just as thrilling, check into a hotel room for the night and pamper the hell out of her. And bet, after that, you will get to make love the hell out of her too!

For more, check out our latest blog post for sure-fire tips to get those fireworks flying in the old bedroom.

Good luck, Buck, let us know how it went!

Yours, in sexy times and in dry times,

Olivia Gray.