How To Seduce That Aries: Wham, Bam, Thank You Ram.

How To Seduce That Aries

Born March 21 – April 19

Symbol: The Flying Ram

Ruled by: Mars

Sexy thumbs-up: Libra, Leo, Sagittarius, Gemini

Not so much: Cancer, Capricorn

Hi Lovers, how’s your year going so far? As 2019 Marches on we welcome another Astro-sign into the calendar: hi Aries, how you doing? Aries men and women are sometimes referred to as The Hottest Lover in the Zodiac. They are driven by Mars so they are red-hot and fiery, and always eager to plumb the depths of their own imaginations.


The Ram man or woman lives large and in charge and prefer being the dominant partners. If you don’t like straight forward women, who ask men out new-school, then move along mister. They relish being the ones who make the advances… and the ones to conclude the chase. If you are in a hurry to have sex initially, perhaps try to keep it in your pants for a while. Just keep the excitement mounting before the um, mounting, and allow them to hold the reigns. Or paddle. Or ropes. Because oh, yes, they do love a little acc-sexory too! Aries sex does bring a sweet conundrum though: they love to pursue (but don’t draw it out until they retreat in impatience), and they like to be the dominant one in the bed (but don’t give in toooo easily, or they will be off like a flash, to find a more exciting conquest). Not simple, no. But are they worth it? YES! What makes Aries such a spectacular lover is that s/he always keen to try new things, is able to focus on lovemaking with dedicated fervor, and has incredible stamina. Drawbacks to having an Aries lover include their inclination to hit it and quit it. Don’t be paranoid about this, as they do make wonderfully committed partners to the lucky few, but just be aware that they do move quickly and move on…. sometimes! Even within a relationship, they can sometimes be very fleet, to the point of even completely forgoing foreplay at times. It is part of their blasted charm. Let’s just say that if you are cool with quickies you’ll be hot for Aries!


  1. Be playful: Aries loves playing the game of sex. Just let them feel that they are in control.
  2. Make it an adventure: they love to have to work for their rewards, so give them a quest!
  3. But know when to reward them: you have ‘give in’ just before they cross over to impatience.
  4. Be curious and crazy: have you ever wanted to get into a bit of exhibitionism, or sex in semi-public places? Now’s the time lol!
  5. And do not be lazy! Sex with an Aries can be an intense workout. Make sure to stretch beforehand.
  6. Be prepared: keep your lube, toys, towels, and water next to the bed within easy reach.
  7. Love Quickies: they are always on the move, so get used to going from 0 to 100% in under 2 minutes!
  8. But know… you WILL get yours! As much as they want to ram-bam, an Aries will not leave you hanging; their sexual dedication includes making sure their lovers have as explosive orgasms as they do.
  9. And always, always remember…. an Aries loves them some sex toys!

Having toys keep their sex lives dynamic, and they are all for that. You will not scare an Aries away with a vibrator, dildo, or whip. There is no sign likelier to prove they like it, by putting a (cock)-ring on it! They always want to make the most out of any sexual encounter, and anything that helps to make sex better and last longer will rouse the universal Aries cry of “I’m in!”. Do you agree? And have you ever locked horns with an Aries, and have some tips to add? We’d love to hear them in the comments box below! Keep it coming, friends, till next time… Irit PS: This post is based on my experiences with Aries lovers, topped up by UG (University of Google).  Obviously, there is a multitude of factors that shape anyone’s sexual behaviour, besides anything their Zodiac sign tells us. Disclaimer: done.