How To Seduce That Gemini: Twice As Sexy, Twice As Vexing.

How To Seduce That Gemini
Born: May 21 – June 21
Symbol: The Twins
Ruled by: Mercury
Element: Air
Sexy thumbs-up: Sagittarius, Aries, Leo, Libra and the odd Aquarius. Gemini has a diverse taste. 
Not so much: Virgo and Pisces
Geminis, whether you love them or hate them… wait, stop. Geminis: love them and hate them!
Gemini is represented by the twins and born under a sign of change. If you are into stimulating conversations, walks on the beach, tornadoes, and orgasms, then Gemini is the sign for you.
They have an electric sense of curiosity, and a non-stop addiction to action. Geminis are brilliant communicators and clear thinkers. They can tend to flit between partners, but when you are with a Gemini it feels like no other human is even on this planet. Gemini lovers are golden, while their attention is on you!


Fast-talking Geminis are habitually changing their habits. That is their main habit! You will never get bored, as they switch up their moods and positions frequently. They like to move around, whether changing homes frequently or simply circulating to every corner of the party. Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on what you prefer yourself) they tend to move between partners. But that does not mean that they won’t throw anchor down with someone who is as stimulating as they are.
Let’s cut to the chase, here are…


  1. Be a commitment-phobe. That’s going to be an excellent jumping-off point.
  2. Let the Gemini chase you. Give a slow smile, turn tail and get gone. Give them the thrill of catching you.
  3. When you’re out, don’t hang around. Be outgoing and not glued to their side in social situations.
  4. Be positive. Gemini likes to look on the bright side of everything.
  5. Be dark. Gemini likes to look at the down-side of everything.
  6. Have multiple interests and passions so that you can dazzle that Gemini in stimulating conversation in between those rousing bouts of sex.
  7. Put that extra bit of effort into the smallest details of your wardrobe. Scuffed shoe? Fix that! Pit stains? Sort yourself out. Be turnt at all times.
  8. Be sex-ready, in the finest aspects of your self-care. That will give that magpie Gemini lots of areas to admire. And explore.
  9. Plan adventurous dates. Be bold in the moves you make and Gemini will hasten to be part of your plans.
  10. Take care in small ways. Gemini notices all the little things you do for them, maybe even more than the big ones.


Gemini is so fickle and easily bored that the best sex toy for this lover is every sex toy! But if we do have to narrow it down…
Triple Curve Rechargeable Rabbit Vibrator | Happy Rabbit In Hand

The best sex toy for a Gemini woman:

I have to say a multi-tasking toy like a rabbit vibrator, but definitely the model with anal beads.

Clitoris: sorted. G-spot: sorted. And then the butt-play is just an added, added bonus.

The best sex toy for a Gemini man:

A two-loop cock-ring with a vibrating bullet. It serves a dual purpose in that it works for the female and the male at the same time. Also, it sorts out both your penis and your bollocks at the same time, so there we have the dual purpose benefit, again.

Squeeze Vibrating Cock & Ball Ring | Malesation

So there you have it. Best put by South African Geminis who will tell you straight: “Sometimes I’m a gem, and sometimes I’m a …” But one thing they definitely are is an exciting ride.

This post is based on my experiences with Gemini lovers and friends, plus the University of Google. Obviously, there is a multitude of factors that shape anyone’s sexual behaviour besides anything their Zodiac sign tells us.

Do you have any tips to add? Drop us a comment in the box below.

Actually, drop two!