How To Seduce That Taurus: Sexy Style And Romantic Opulence

How To Seduce That Taurus

Born:  April 20 – May 20

Symbol: The Bull

Ruled by: Venus

Sexy thumbs up: Cancer, Virgo, Capricorn, Pisces
Not so much: Leo, Aquarius


Hi Lovers, hope things are good in your world today…

Looking to tie down a sexy bull, zodiacal speaking? Let’s do it!

Taurus is ruled by Venus, often referred to as the Beauty-planet. Venus was the Roman goddess of beauty, sensuality, laughter and the arts, and Taureans are very affected by this: give them gorgeousness or give them death. Give them romance or GTF out.

They are patient and persistent and make trustworthy allies. With their strong wills and dependability, you could do no better than to put your faith in one of them, no bull. On the other hand (why is there always that damn other hands!?) they can be radically ambitious, extremely materialistic and overly self-indulgent, and their dogged obsession with routine can pall after a while.

Taurus loves to shower their partner with luxurious treats, sensual spoils, and creature comforts. They are insatiable, both in bed and in the material world. Do you have an appetite for life, and for sex? Then you will eat up these tips for seducing that sexy-sexy Bull.


  1. Smell good! Like, really good and you will have that bull by the nose.
  2. Look good! While Taurus has an artistic eye and does not require you to be conventionally attractive, they are attracted by those who show self-care and stylishness.
  3. Make sure you mean it before you commit. Taurus does not go easily into a relationship, but once they are in, they are in 100%.
  4. Be consistent. Taurus hates change; far from being bored by predictability, they see it as a backdrop for perfecting their relationship.
  5. Keep your crazy toned down to a 2. Taurus abhors drama.
  6. BUT: do bring vivacity and spirit! Taurus is far from boring, and they are attracted to others with artistic minds.
  7. Do not take cross their boundaries or take advantage of their generosity. Taurus can smell a phoney and will turn off at the first sniff.
  8. BUT: watch your own boundaries too… they may accept the gifts you shower them with, but still not give you their heart.
  9. Want to turn your Taurus on big time – go for the throat! Literally, their necks are one of their most sensitive areas. Nuzzles and soft bites are always welcome.
  10. And give them throat too. Confused? I mean talk to them in your most provocative voice – slow, careful, giving them time to respond. Oh, and of course sexy voice messages. Of course.
  11. Be your most indulgently sensual: soft kisses, sweet nothings, long nights of tender passion. Candles. Feather ticklers. Soft leather paddles. You get the picture. Romance! Sexy times!
  12. Lingerie and silks turn on the Taurus libido. Keep it classy and expensive…
  13. Foreplay.
  14. Afterplay.
  15. Moreplay!

You get what I’m saying: Taurus loves to play sensual games… keep them going, and you will keep THEM going!


Female Bulls love Ben Wa Balls! These sex accessories enable them to have fun while getting stuff done. A mix of business and pleasure? Bull babes say “yes please”!


Bull Boys are keen on putting a ring on it: a cock-ring, that is. Something that keeps them game-ready and helps them and their partner have more hours of delicious pleasure? Sold!

I hope you got something out of this post. It is based on my experiences with Taurus lovers and friends topped up by UG (University of Google).  Obviously, there is a multitude of factors that shape anyone’s sexual behaviour besides anything their Zodiac sign tells us. Disclaimer: done.

Me out.

Lots of self-love (it is May, Masturbation Month, after all!)