How To Seduce The Aquarian Female

How To Seduce The Aquarian Female

Born January 21 – February 19

The Water-Bearer: semi-clad guy or very muscly lady, emptying a jug of water onto the Earth

Ruled by Uranus: the planet of experimentation

Sexy thumbs-up: Gemini, Leo, Libra

Not so much: Taurus, Scorpio

Hello Lovers, This post is a continuation of the previous post, HOW TO SEDUCE THE AQUARIAN MALE. Basically, both posts are summing up sexy Aquarians across the gender rainbow: men, women, gay or straight. Generally speaking, these water-signs top the Zodiac lists when it comes to inventiveness and non-conformity. But, they are also extremely loyal partners, so if you’re into that you’ll be into them!

These posts are taken from my own Aquarian experiences, topped by a recent burst of fully-fledged online research. Obviously, there is a multitude of factors that shape anyone’s sexual behaviour apart from their Zodiac set-up, but it’s good to get a little peek into what is considered the top traits of this sexually dynamic sign. Because honey they ain’t easy, but they are worth their weight in orgasmic pleasure!


  1. Keep your head on straight. As a rule, the Aquarian female does not mix sex with a sentiment. She separates the two, considering sex as a fun act and love as a very serious commitment.
  2. But be open to true love! If she has decided that you are the one, she will lavish you with loyalty.
  3. Hang back when she shuts down. The Aquarius woman often swings between diverse moods and modes, so take a chill pill and never smother her.
  4. Be a good conversationalist. She loves to talk.
  5. And that means dirty talk too because she loves to talk about sex.
  6. Have a backbone, and don’t be afraid to use it. This woman is thrilling, inventive, passionate, and headstrong.
  7. Have a front-bone, in whatever form it comes. If you are looking to please your Aquarian lesbian, get some toys. Not because she thinks you lack le dick, but just for the experimentation factor!
  8. Slow your roll! What male and female Aquarians have in common is that you have to take it sloooooooooow with them. Don’t be pushy, like grabbing for their intimate areas in the first ten minutes, rather build, build… and then still hold back. Want to make an Aquarian crazy about you? Tease them till they beg you for more.
  9. Play a role… or 5 or 10! She will appreciate the effort, and you will appreciate how she shows her appreciation;}}
  10. Be versatile! At times, she will dominate you, and just as you are getting used to that… she will change pace and allow you to dominate her.
  11. Be limber! The Aquarian female will always surprise you with new moves, so you best get yoga-ing.
  12. Be strong! An Aquarius woman’s partner will have to put in the effort to satisfy her completely and a sexual encounter could be quite a workout.
  13. Have sex in the grrrrreat outdoors –what better way to mix her love of nature and her love of sex?
  14. Find new ways to get kinky: educate yourself, find information online – sex is essentially the Aquarian’s forte and she will be enthralled if you can bring some moves of your own.
  15. So really, watch some out-of-your-comfort-zone porn for ideas. 
  16. Or make it up: games, games, games! This woman enjoys sex games a lot, so perhaps you can look for sexy games to bring home, to spark the action.
  17. Shake it up: In the middle of sex, get up and turn on some music, or leave for a few minutes… returning with some rope or a feather, or something of the like. She will be hanging onto your every move!
  18. Rough it up: She is unashamed of loving sex of the hardcore variety. That said, always remember to be SSC (safe, sane, consensual). Need some tips? Read my post about what to do when getting into light bondage play.
  1. And oh yes, you better also lube it up! Whether you are male or female you are probably going to need a tub of it. There are also many surprise benefits to this, read my post about lube.
  2. Anal up. Enough said. Aquarians love anal play. Get with it.

And now I am repeating the last 3 points from the Aquarian male blog post because these are very important when jumping into their waters…

  1. Be prepared to spend your time on a lot of humanitarian outings and meeting interesting people. 
  2. But also, be good with spending time alone. Don’t be greedy for your Aquarian’s time, don’t be overly demanding BUT also use your intuition to work out if they’re just not that into you, or just honestly needing time alone. Give them the freedom and time they need. This is also the time in which their sexual batteries recharge.
  3. And yes, perhaps you do want to consider a more open relationship, in which you allow them the odd solo sexual excursion. Up to you; you may just want that for yourself too! But that’s another blog post, for another time.

Ok, that was 23 not 21 lol – please do add to this post by leaving your comments! We want to hear how you do love and sexy stuff with those sensual aqua-babes…

Till sext time