How To Seduce The Aquarius Man

How To Seduce The Aquarian Male

Born January 21 – February 19

The Water-Bearer: semi-clad guy emptying a jug of water onto the Earth

Ruled by Uranus: the planet of experimentation

Sexy thumbs up: Gemini, Leo, Libra

Not so much: Taurus, Scorpio

Hello Lovers, Having a good January? I love this month, and I hope it is power-packed with positive resolve for you… For those of you, gay, straight, or spectruming, who meets a man and fling yourself immediately into vetting him thoroughly before proceeding, I have put together a blog post on how to sexy up that Aquarian male.

This is from my own Aquarian experiences and a recent burst of fully-fledged online research into seeing what is considered the top traits. Obviously, there are so many more things that shape anyone’s sexual behavior, apart from their Zodiac or Chinese Signs, or their astro-numerical whatevers.

It is just often interesting to have a little bit of a map to guide you when you take the road Aquarius is said to travel by. So here are my 21 top tips for sexing up the Aquarian male from top to tip. And look out for part 2, coming up soon, on the Aquarian Female.


Aquarians are generally to be found roaming the areas of:

  • Rebellion
  • Nonconformity
  • Freedom
  • Humanitarianism
  • Philanthropy

These people need variety and spice in their sex life. They love to, no, they neeeeed to have stimulation, excitement, and experimentation. That said, they are also extremely loyal and make fantastic primary partners.

Aquarius is a fixed sign and does a hella job in a monogamous relationship. At the same time, this is the sign with a broad mind that enjoys a variety outside of what is considered traditional. Confused? Don’t be. Just free your mind… and the rest will follow.

Aquarians are turned on by taboo, and their idea of relationships can reflect that. Aquarian is blind to race, age, size, or any of the cultural norms; they only see that sexuality is limitless and mutable. Polyamory, yes, please! In fact, the best possible threesome may well be with one Aquarian male and one Aquarian Female.

Gay Aquarians are very freely expressive. They take no issue with others’ sexuality and have no qualms in defending their own. They feel free and are the first to demand social equality for themselves and others.

Yet, not many Aquarians run around bonking willy-nilly, that is not what they mean by free love. It takes a lot for that Aqua man to even want to sleep with you… they love build-up and ritual, before taking it down to rhythm town.

Also, they are not constantly in heat… don’t be fooled… when they are into it they are completely 10000% in the groove, but when they switch off you won’t get even a teeny spark.

They are off saving stuff or mulling the complexities of the Universe in their own impenetrable quiet space. Until the next round! It’s enough to leave you in a dizzy haze but it’s worth it for the giddy orgasms!


  1. Expect to be shaken up and stirred. Aquarius doesn’t stick to a routine.
  2. Don’t try to work him out. Aquarius can read you like a book but is a tough read himself.
  3. Take it slow. He wants to explore your entire body. But before that, he wants to investigate your mind. Hang back and enjoy the unfolding before you can pounce on him like a ravenous beast.
  4. Enjoy foreplay! This man likes to take it slow, to investigate and try fresh things.
  5. Keep the lights on! This man lives through ALL his senses.
  6. Get into some mutual masturbation. This is a perfect time for hot dirty talk too… which will help you get to know him.
  7. Let him take the initiative… 
  8. But then at other times, you take the initiative… 
  9. I did mention you want to shake things up? 
  10. Did I mention try a threesome? Oh, that’s right, I did.
  11. Get into some educational porn. Once you know his turn-ons, go research them. You’ll learn a lot, and it will desensitize you to anything you may be squeamish about. Or you will see that you definitely do not want to do that at all, and set your hard limits with him.
  12. Enjoy getting head. While he does enjoy receiving, he loves exploring you with his mouth and can be a highly adept adventurer.
  13. Enjoy having your head read. Educate yourself in the things he likes, so that you have you something to challenge his mind with. This shouldn’t be a hardship; you will probably learn a lot of amazing new things.
  14. Be well read. If you have ever considered delving into Tantra or the Karma Sutra, or other ancient sex texts, this is the time. Two birds one stone baby! Remember that his Sex and Intellect are deeply intertwined.
  15. Get into role-playing.  He likes variety, and you may as well give it to him in the form of games and scenes and sexy new personas. Get into it… it can lead to super fun and searing sex.
  16. Enjoy the treats and spoils! He is great at surprising you with for-no-occasion gifts and unexpected gourmet meals!
  17. But don’t be hung up on money and big-ticket items – he doesn’t care about money… it flows, like the water from his jug.
  18. Laugh a lot. Life is never dull with this sign around.
  19. Be prepared to spend your time on a lot of humanitarian outings and meeting interesting people. 
  20. But also, be good with spending time alone. Don’t be greedy for his time, don’t be overly demanding BUT also use your intuition to work out if hjntiy (he’s just not that into you) or just honestly needing to exploring his own spaces. Give him the freedom and time he needs… this is also the time in which his sex battery recharges:}}.
  21. And yes, perhaps you do want to consider a more open relationship, in which you allow him the odd solo sexual excursion. Up to you. If you are an Aquarian female, you may just want that for yourself too! But that’s another blog post, for another time.


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Aquarians are into anal. There, I said it! And how sleek is this BAD BOY PROSTRATE MASSAGER… if you haven’t tried this yet with any man, now is your chance as Aquarius is just the sign to explore it with you.

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Oh, yes, and Lube, lube, LUBE – whether you are male or female, you better lube up, honey, because it’s going to be a long night… read our blog post on lube, All You Need Is Lube

If you have experienced the Aquarian man close-up and first-hand, please do add to this post by leaving your comments! We want to hear how you do it!

Happy sexy times, lovers…

chat again soon.