How To Sex Text: The Subtle Art of Sexting

How To Sex Text

Ever wondered how to sex text?

Sexting is somewhat of an art form. And keeping in mind that you don’t really need to be a writer or scribe to adequately sext somebody, you ought to, at any rate, acquaint yourself with the nuts and bolts: what to say, how to say it, and whether you ought to include an eggplant emoticon. 

In any case, shockingly, there’s no accurate “playbook” for those “nuts and bolts.” 

It truly comes down to sorting out what turns you on the most with your partner (since, hello??, that is the motivation behind sexting). 

Is it discussing a dream of yours through text? 

Discussing what you’re going to do to your partner later that night? 

Sending voice notes? 

Anything is possible for you, old buddy.


Sexting is all about the build-up. 

Start the convo with an initial statement that shows you’re prepared to play without revealing too much. 

Sending a selfie of your topless self, for instance, with a basic message of ‘Hello you’ can catch their eye while making your goals clear of what this thread can become if the individual is willing to reply back. 

You would not bounce straight into sex without a warm-up, so treat your sexts a similar way.

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When starting to sext you should remember that you are in charge and you are assuming a role. 

Your job is that of a perky accomplice who is horny and prepared to get into something freaky. Your words, photographs, and voice messages would all be able to be utilized to paint a dream for your accomplice and stir them to the point of satisfaction.


Just do what you’re comfortable with. 

Sexting can be pretty innocent as a ‘Can hardly wait to put some love on you tonight’ or as dodgy as a dick pic. 

Start with something that makes you feel a little kinky, yet doesn’t make you need to run and cover-up.

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How to sex text

It’s ideal to know what your accomplice is doing when you decide you want to initiate sexting. 

On the off chance that they’re having their annual budget meeting with the boss or they’re out somewhere else with the family, it’s probably not the best opportunity to shoot out a hot sext. 

This guarantees a possibly shocking photograph doesn’t show up on your lover’s lock screen and allows them to take a gander at it when they are not in a conceivably humiliating or professional situation.

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Try not to be reluctant to ask your accomplice questions during sexting. 

This is a sexual discussion, all things considered. 

Posing attractive inquiries can be a simple route for you to understand what your accomplice is thinking. The questions can also help you in painting a striking picture of their fantasies inside their minds.


Utilizing code words and ‘slang’ instead of clinical terms for sexual acts and body parts sound hotter when your accomplice is reading it back. 

Regardless of whether you feel awkward typing out the words “destroy you” in the moment, it will sound great in your partner’s mind when they’re reading your text. 

Preparing this jargon ahead of time will assist you with getting liquid in your sexting delivery.

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Do not underestimate the power of a sexy meme or GIF.

Use images and GIFs to enhance what you’ve already written. 

They add more substance to the discussion and offer you a reprieve from having to be unique.


You can also incorporate audio recordings in the mix. 

Make it as natural as possible as forced “sexy” voices wind up being more amusing than they are useful in stimulating. 

In some cases, all you require are hints of you playing with yourself to get your accomplice off. Close your eyes and envision your accomplice doing all the things to you explicitly that you love. 

Record the sounds you would make and send it off with certainty.

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In case you’re searching for motivation while messaging a current accomplice, an incredible play, to begin with, is by utilizing a hot moment from a past sex session. 

You could do this by sending a text like “I love the way you squeezed my ass last night.” From there, you can begin to consider what you might want to do the following time you see them. 

Talk to them about what you need at the time to help build the fantasy and create tension.


Dirty talk is the foundation of sexting. 

The words you use in your messages paint a visual of the dream that is unfurling. 

You can describe what you’re wearing. You can ask for mischievous photographs to offer remarks about your partner’s body and the freaky things you’ll do to them. 

You can depict how your body is responding to what they’re sexting you. Your words can likewise give guidance on what you need your accomplice to do to themselves while they fantasize about you. 

You’re driving the path toward their climax. Make the most of it.


Now that you are officially versed in the art of how to sex text, send that naughty text now!

And don’t forget, sexting is a form of teasing where you hold the power, so MILK IT!

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