How Do Lesbians Have Sex? Check Out Our Top Lesbian Sex Tips

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Fancy the “fairer” sex? These lesbian sex tips are just the thing for you!

In all fairness, for some individuals, sex is fundamentally inseparable from penile-vaginal intercourse.

Possibly you’re preparing for your first close encounter of the lesbian kind or perhaps you’re simply inquisitive.

Notwithstanding why you need the lowdown, the main thing to know is that lesbian sex comes in an assortment of varieties — very much like hetero sex, gay-sex, etc. 

There are numerous approaches to engage in sexual relations. There are additionally a few different ways to have lesbian sex, which can include an assortment of techniques, including oral sex, fingering, and the utilization of sex toys

With an assortment of methods accessible and various understandings of what comprises great sex, communication is pivotal. 

So whatever your sexual orientation or gender, you can draw nearer to that big O with these tips on the female climax!



It may sound illogical, but if you want to orgasm, quit fixating on it.

It’s quite natural to get in your head about what amount of time it requires to arrive at a climax. 

Don’t simply zero in on arriving at the endpoint, it will likely wind up destroying the mood. 

You will come to discover that sex is far beyond [having an orgasm]. It’s about the process of sex, the excursion. 

At the point when you permit yourself to hone in on the happiness and joy of every second and touch and less on arriving at that ultimate objective, you’ll wind up feeling substantially looser and connected with the individual you’re with.

Blast-Off with these essential tips on having that epic orgasm.


I can’t exaggerate this: Clitoral incitement is where it’s at! 

You can’t reach a climax exclusively through penetrative sex, so when you need to orgasm you’ll either need to touch your own clit while your accomplice (or a sex toy) is penetrating you. 

Then again you could request that your accomplice caress your clit with her mouth, a vibrator, a hand, it all depends upon what sort of pressure factor you’re desiring.

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Without a doubt, dildos, eggplant-shaped vibrators, and strap-ons can be extraordinary. In any case, penis-molded toys aren’t your only choice. 

Truth be told, there’s an entire universe of toys out there that might be more qualified to your and your accomplice’s needs and sexual personalities. What a better way to switch it up in the bedroom than introducing some sex toys.

While your accomplice should be open to experimenting as well, toys can be an extraordinary method to increase pleasure on both sides!

On the off chance that your accomplice isn’t energized about bringing a major purple cockerel-shaped toy into bed, attempt another toy: butt plugs, not-so-phallic vibes, strap-ons…whatever—there’s an immense choice of toys out there!

Butt plugs for beginners.


Communication plays a key role in satisfaction between the sheets. It doesn’t make any difference whether you’ve slept together multiple times or if this is the first run through. You must communicate! 

Tell your accomplice what you need, let them know whether it isn’t working, and let them know whether it is. 

Take one moment to mention to your accomplice what you need to have happen, regardless of whether it’s licking, touching, infiltrating, prodding, whatever. 

In addition to the fact that it is provocative to hear this and will give you the formula for what your accomplice needs in that sensual moment, it will likewise cause you to feel sexy.

Whilst there are a plethora of sex tips to sexplore, here’s a look at some more tried and tested sex tips for you to try.


Donning hot and sexy lingerie, getting a nipple piercing, and trying out bosom focused sex positions are only a portion of the approaches to get your breasts and areolas (a significant erogenous zone) in on the action. 

However, once in a while giving your boobs the consideration they long for is pretty much as basic as asking. 

Most ladies love having their nipples played with during both foreplay and sex. It’s what a few ladies may require to reach climax, so you could simply request it. 

Don’t hesitate to provide a little guidance about how you need them touched. From squeezing to licking to biting to having them cupped, these are all lovely varying sensations.

The Ultimate Guide To Bondage.


Regardless of whether you’re making some one-night stand memories or doing it with a long-time partner, it’s not difficult to get enveloped with the actual sex and disregard the individual. 

Be there with your accomplice. Say their name or look at them without flinching. Don’t simply appreciate the sex, appreciate the individual. 

Zero in on their breathing, what turns them on, and the manner in which they touch and kiss, and before you know it, your body may be much nearer to orgasm than in the event that you were just considering yourself.

Sex Toys For Couples.


The vast majority of us consider foreplay the starter we hurry through to the main course, which is actually the contrary way to deal with it in case you’re intending to arrive at O town. 

Regardless of whether it’s your first time hooking up ever, or you’ve had an excessive number of [partners] to count, remember to appreciate paving the way to and making your accomplice climax. 

There’s a time and a spot for a fast in and out, however, make sure to back off and entertain yourself with your accomplice’s body and allow them to enjoy your body, as well!

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Better Sex Awaits

Hope you learned something from our list of lesbian sex tips, so go on, get out there, and make your wildest fantasies become a reality!

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