15 Oral Sex Tips For Firing Your Partner Up When You Go Down

15 Oral Sex Tips

The solitary thing more fulfilling than being on the receiving end of extraordinary oral sex is realizing that you crushed it performing it on your accomplice. 

To give is to receive, maybe…?;P 

Each sexual accomplice has distinctive taste — in a real sense and metaphorically — and when you sort out precisely what your accomplice likes, it tends to be strongly satisfying.

Having a couple of go-to tips and tricks up your sleeve will make oral sex speed along for those occasions when you sense that you’ve been submerged for quite a long time.

Not to throw shade, but giving oral sex is work, and it doesn’t make you any less philanthropic on the off chance that you wish it would pass by speedier here and there. 

Watching pornography can be useful to explore new procedures, however, pornography is optimistic, so you can’t generally reorder what you see into your own sexual coexistence.

So here are some of the best tips and tricks for performing oral on both the vagina and penis. 

Don’t hesitate to get down to business and guarantee all the gloating rights!

Oral Sex Tips

Flick The Tip

When giving a “Blowjob” be sure to flick the tip with your tongue when your partner is finishing and for a few moments after.

The penis is extremely sensitive at this point and will surely delight your partner with extra feelings of joy and happiness.

Sometimes going that extra mile when it comes to oral sex will go a long way to fulfilling your partner’s needs and desires.


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Do A Number on Him

Some would say the perfect blowjob is a combination of three things:

  1. Suck on the tip of the penis;
  2. Place one hand on the shaft;
  3. and the other hand on the balls.

When you’re giving head, just be sure to be in a position where you have good neck support, getting him stiff shouldn’t mean a stiff neck too.


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Tongue Twister

Move your tongue in circles around the head of the penis as quickly as possible.

This has been known to drive men crazy with pleasure and delight and will be sure to get a “where did you learn that move?” response.


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Both the beneficiary and the giver have significant roles during oral sex, and something significant is the point at which their accomplice really tunes in to what they say to do.

Thus, if you’re giving oral sex, remember to focus on the feedback that your accomplice is giving during the deed.

Who needs a compass when you have a talking map!


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Don’t Stop

Some people generally feel overly sensitive after a climax, yet you should continue to pursue your accomplice after orgasm on the grounds that there’s typically more left in the tank.

That is valid for certain individuals, however, in the event that your moves are increasingly slow and intense subsequent to peaking, it may very well be simpler to have multiple climaxes.

Converse with your accomplice, and check whether that works for them.


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Tongue in Cheek

Tenderly suck on your accomplice’s clitoris, and utilize your tongue simultaneously. 

Suck and hold it in your mouth, and at that point, utilize your tongue; it’s not all tongue-out licking!


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Make Eye Contact

While you’re going down on your accomplice, make eye contact with them.

Seeing your accomplice close their eyes and roll them back will give you instant gratification that you are doing the job well.

They’ll adore having your whole spotlight on them as well.


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Vary Speed

Varying your speed and pressure while giving oral sex is effective.

Shifting back and forth between a consistent, cadenced movement and then going fairly slow will drive your partner crazy with pleasure.

This tip likewise gives you a smidgen of a break in case you’re worn out — which is a shared benefit.


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Spelling Bee

Spelling the alphabet with your tongue on your partner’s vagina is a time tested classic oral sex tip, yet for a valid justification: it works!

Why not make an effort to spell the ABCs with your tongue and do whatever it takes to not kick the bucket of pleasure!


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Be Enthusiastic 

Many individuals get stressed receiving oral sex since they’re worried their accomplice isn’t enjoying it — however, they unquestionably are.

If you act excited as you go down on that special someone, your accomplice will feel substantially looser about it and be significantly more turned on.

Stimulate The Prostate

A carefully placed finger in your partner’s nether region is bound to incite excitement galore — just communicate your intentions and explain the benefits before diving in.

You can likewise both take a stab at wearing butt plugs during the duration of oral sex.

The “P-spot” is not a myth and deserves some attention if you didn’t already know about this pleasurable hotspot.


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Finger Your Partner

Perform twofold responsibility and utilize your hands while you invigorate your accomplice’s clitoris with your tongue.

This means fingering them (usually two fingers pressed up against the anterior wall of the vagina, aiming for that G-spot) while you lick the clit.


Rub The Whole Shaft

Utilizing your hands to correspond with your mouth movements isn’t cheating — it’s creative. 

Particularly for those [who are] genuinely packing, this is an incredible trick to pleasure their whole shaft without gagging yourself to death.

Keep the tip of your accomplice’s penis in your mouth and your hands around the shaft, and afterwards go up and down in sync. 

This works for penises of all shapes and sizes.

Embrace Body Fluids

Saliva is your body’s number one natural lube.

It’s perfectly safe to supplement your own natural lubrication with saliva.

Spit is presumably the world’s most seasoned sex lube, something couples and singles alike have been utilizing when in a tight spot since the beginning of time.

Don’t Forget The Balls

If you’re performing oral on somebody with a penis and gonads you shouldn’t neglect the balls.

You can attempt squeezing them (delicately) with your hands, tea-bagging or licking them as you move your mouth down.

Final Word

Whether you’re giving or getting (or both, hello), just like everything else with sex, getting crafty and mixing it up with a new trick or two is pretty low-risk, high-reward.

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