The Ins And Outs Of Poppers.

The ins and outs of poppers


Let’s face it, if anything makes you feel good, it’s probably a little bad for you… Although classified as a “drug” these stimulants are largely legal in South Africa and if used responsibly can be a wonderful addition to your bedroom bliss.

We have made a guide for you to understand the benefits and risks of poppers, for you to enjoy these great little pleasure aids safely and in moderation.

What are Poppers?

Poppers are an inhalant that has been used widely as a recreational drug, actually making its first appearance as a medication for heart disease, and certain types are used to treat cyanide poisoning.

The name comes from small glass capsules that were prescribed to treat chest pain caused by reduced blood flow. These capsules were popped open and inhaled, hence the name “poppers.”

They are usually made up of chemicals known as alkyl nitrates, however, the most common chemical used is isopropyl nitrate. Poppers come in the form of a liquid sold in small glass bottles which can be inhaled or defused into the room to induce relaxation during intercourse, most commonly associated with anal sex.

These clear yellow liquids have sharp chemical smells which depending on the brand can smell like anything like household solvents, to the gas in your aerosol cans.

On the recreational side, they are not strictly limited to the boudoir, poppers became popular in the late ’70s, ’80s, and ’90s in gay clubs and were a signature scent around the sexual liberation movement. The high has an aetherial freeing effect which can very much amplify and enhance your mood.

What do Poppers do?

When inhaling poppers one feels a pleasurable intoxicating euphoria which not only relaxes your muscles (especially around your sphincter) but also acts as a vasodilator which promotes blood flow allowing you to become more sensitive, heightening your sexual experiences and climaxes.

You can expect the following good feelings when inhaling poppers;

  • Head rush
  • Sense of euphoria
  • Increased sex drive
  • Warm flush feeling over your whole body
  • Relaxed muscles
  • A general feeling of “Hmmm…”

How long does the high last?

Depending on the brand and strength of the poppers, the high only lasts from a few seconds to a few minutes when inhaled.

As one uses poppers it is common to build a resistance to the chemicals, meaning the effects will dissipate quicker. It is then important to use the chemicals in moderation giving your body a chance to process between uses.

In other words, put it down, love. You CAN have too much of a good thing.

Are Poppers only for gay men?

There is a misconception that poppers are only for gay men. Although widely used in the gay community as they are closely linked with anal sex, the effects are of course the same on everybody.

These inhalants help in loosening the sphincter muscles and relaxing the user which is beneficial for everyone from back door beginners – to your regular sexperts of all sexual orientations and genders.

These pleasure aids are not specifically targeted to the anus and will also relax vaginal muscles and heighten the sensations around all of your erogenous zones, making it a great addition for all your play-time ventures.

Sold yet? Now for the important parts

Always remember, not everyone enjoys the same experiences. When it comes to poppers- the headrush and feeling of not being in control may not be your cup of tea. Much like any other substance we all have our limits and for some that are none.

If it’s simply not your idea of a good time, there are many other ways to achieve relaxation and sexual aids which are far less “Taboo”

Are Poppers safe?

In short, if you use them responsibly, Yes. There have been numerous studies done around the world which have shown that the effects are short-lived and have little impact if you use it occasionally and minimally.

Do not forget, poppers are still drugs.

Are poppers addictive?

Poppers are not chemical addictive in the way that other drugs may be, however, these chemicals can become a dependency for users as they fall into a routine of needing to inhale the vapour before sexual intercourse to relax the sphincter and pelvic muscles.

As these chemicals are merely used as sexual aids, if you feel you or a loved one may be dependant on poppers to attain a certain level of comfort, be rest assured that there are a variety of products that can assist with muscle relaxation effects- such as lubes serums and sprays which not only pose far less potential health risks but are specifically designed for the purpose.

The different type of poppers.

As you may not know there are several types of poppers and not just one. Indeed what we generally call poppers is actually a substance that belongs to the group of alkyl nitrites. So there are different sorts of poppers and nitrites that will produce different effects while inhaling. Those nitrites can range from soft to strong and from short to long lasting effects.

This amyl nitrite is the historical one which was a true success in the 70s. It is also among the strongest ones on the market. With its strong smell on inhaling, amyl nitrite is commonly used by connoisseurs. The effects of amyl nitrite last longer than other formulas but its rush is progressive. The aromas are ideal to party and choosing an amyl nitrite is the guarantee of losing your inhibitions and living in euphoria after opening a magical bottle.


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Propyl nitrite is now totally legal after having been banned for years. As it is the strongest product on the market, authorities preferred to ban it for fear that they should have bad long-term effects on people’s health although no study has ever proved that propyl nitrite can be harmful. As a consequence, many authorities decided to lift the ban.

But, and a BIG BUT.

If you overdo it there are some nasty side effects, that will not only be dangerous to your health but potentially fatal.

These include and are not limited to the following;

  • Headache
  • Nausea
  • Chemical burns from coming in contact with skin
  • Dizziness
  • Fainting
  • Disorientation
  • Drops in blood pressure
  • Reduced oxygen to your vital organs
  • Lethal if swallowed
  • Temporary or permanent loss of vision

As poppers are vasodilators- which by definition mean they widen blood vessels leading to increased blood flow with flashing and warming effects, they are not to be used with the following substances as they may cause your blood pressure to drop fatally low

  • Viagra, Kamagra, or any erectile dysfunction medication (dick pills) specifically those containing any kind of additional vasodilation substances.
  • Alcohol, which also drops your blood pressure and will increase the risk of adverse side effects such as lightheadedness and headaches.
  • Any other recreational substances or drugs which affect your heart or respiratory system.

If you have pre-existing heart conditions, respiratory conditions, anaemia, or any other conditions which may be amplified with one or more of these side effects you should avoid the use of poppers.

What we hope you take away from this

For decades people have been indulging in Poppers, and although we owe it to our queers for opening us up to the world of easier and more exciting anal sex, this is not a craze that is going to disappear any time soon as more and more people are opening up the back door.

If you do decide to dip your toe in the chemical pool, be sure you understand what you are doing to your body and the possible effects they may have on you.

In a time when we are more conscious of our health than ever, PLEASE be responsible, do your homework and stay safe!

Time to pop off!