Remote Control Sex Toys: Get Off From Anywhere in The World!

Remote Controlled Sex Toys

Remote control sex toys take social distancing to another level!

In these uncertain times, where keeping “our distance” is more important than ever, you and your partner can be intimate via remote control.

We joke that there’s an app for everything – but that adage could never be more true and welcome in today’s world.

Whether you’re in a long-distance relationship or just want to simply liven up your sex life with a remote control sex toy, you are spoiled for choice in this day and age.

Some individuals love them because without anyone noticing, you can use them in public, whilst others enjoy it because they give their partner control.

Whatever the appeal may be for you, the advancements in technology has made it easier than ever to find the best remote control sex toys to enjoy remote play.

What Are Remote Control Sex Toys?

Remote, Bluetooth or app-control sex toys give you way more control than most manual options allow, putting you or your partner in control of your pleasure from a distance.

While “social distancing” signifies keeping actual distance among yourself and other people, it additionally suggests keeping an emotional distance.

In these difficult times, it’s critical to remain associated with your private or sentimental partner(s).

Chances are you already have a trusty vibrator that you often reach for.

If it’s not remote controlled or one of the newest wifi sex toys, then the time has come to pony up and get a new vibrator.

Whatever you’re looking for, it probably exists — and we hope we can help you find it…


Smooth, alluring and compact, these incredible bits of joy are utilized for the most part for clitoral enticement, however, can likewise be utilized as an extra with other sex toys like:

Why wait until things “return to normal” to explore the pleasure potential of these toys: You shouldn’t!

The possibilities are endless and being a “gateway” sex toy it will put you well on your way to exploring the wonderful world of remote-controlled sex toys!

The bullet is the trusted choice for:

  1. First-timers just starting their sex toy journey
  2. Couples who want to give things a bit of a boost in the boudoir

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Ambi Wifi Controlled Bullet Vibrator

The Ambi Wifi Controlled Bullet Vibrator by Lovense is the most recent innovation of ground-breaking couples sex toys to light up your love life with an intuitive design that permits you to discover the vibe that works with your body.

This ergonomic bullet vibrator has a novel curved and tapered head for various amounts of pressure from pinpoint accuracy to broad stimulation.

The jutting handle makes it simple to hold into place during all your favourite sex positions. Have a look at our choice vibrators and up your ‘vibe’

Have a look at our choice vibrators and up your ‘vibe’


Your very own masseuse, wand vibrators, also known more commonly as a massaging device were intended to relieve muscle strain yet have since become a mainstream sex toy.

Who is a magic wand vibrating toy perfect for?

  • For couples looking to achieve that extreme closeness that happens when two people take turns massaging each other.
  • For ladies who cherish their self-care

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Domi 2 Wifi Controlled Wand | Lovense

The long-distance or short proximity App-controlled Domi 2 is a brand new delivery from Lovense with some energizing headways, for example, a more ergonomic handle and a battery life that is 3x longer than any other wand offering 5 to 6 hours of non-stop play!

This ‘scaled-down’ wand offers sexy vibrations from plume light to “quake-like” in a helpful cordless splash-proof design.


In the event that you’ve ever pondered anal play, you have most likely heard about butt plugs.

These sex toys are a fundamental frill for any individual who loves butt-centric incitement.


The right fit for:

  1. Beginners or experienced kinksters.
  2. They’re also fantastic to use during foreplay, sex or solo masturbation

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Hush Wifi Butt Plug | Lovense

The most astute butt plug you’ll ever own – the Wifi Controlled Hush vibrator gives extraordinary vibrations that will leave you shuddering and screeching with orgasmic amusement!

This Lovense Toy comes in two sizes (1.5″ and1.75″ width) which is ideal for anybody with ‘the goods,’ making it an incredible present for that unique individual particularly if that “extraordinary somebody” is you!


What is the Prostate?

The prostate gland is a walnut-sized gland situated between the bladder and the penis.

Much like the G-spot, this gland also referred to as the male G-spot or P-spot, is an internal pleasure spot that when stimulated and massaged can increase your orgasmic strength tenfold.

Who they’re perfect for?

  1. Men looking to achieve far more powerful orgasms.
  2. Men who are after the health added benefits of a regular prostate massage

With reports of orgasms varying from prostate orgasms, non-ejaculatory orgasms, anal orgasms, and what is referred to as the ‘Super-O’ orgasm, prostate massagers for men have become widely referred to as the best sex toy for men on the market.

Find out more about the benefits of a good old prostate massage here.

Edge Wifi Prostate Massager

The Edge 2 from Lovense is the world’s first flexible prostate massager. App control opens up a universe of pleasurable outcomes.

The Edge From Lovense is for solo play, foreplay and even discreet public play. It’s particularly intended for hands-free incitement.

The free app gives you command over the whole scope of intensity levels. Thus, in the event that you hunger for light or solid vibes, you will consistently find the correct vibes for you. .


Masturbators arrive in an assortment of forms: very realistic reproductions of renowned pornography stars; innovative choices for the individuals who appreciate a buzz; toys for hands-free fun, and discreet choices that look in no way like sex toys.

Prepare to take masturbation to an unheard level – experience better, more fulfilling solo play with each stroke, push and vibration.


Who they’re perfect for?

  1. For anyone who is stressed
  2. For anyone who wants to improve their overall sexual health

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Max 2 Wifi Controlled Male Masturbator | Lovense

The progressive Max 2 Wifi Controlled Male Masturbator is at the cutting edge of pleasure innovation to elevate your climaxes giving you the most realistic sensual experience.

This contracting vibration sleeve focuses on each nerve on your shaft and head to drive you over the edge during your masturbation sessions. Allow your accomplice to take the reins and control your toy from anyplace on the planet through the Wi-Fi empowered App.


The best couples vibrators are intended for concurrent delight and offer another dimension to the bedroom and your relationship.

With most of the ladies just having the option to peak through clitoral incitement alone, couples vibrators permit partners to appreciate penetrative sex while pleasuring their partner’s clitoris simultaneously.

Are you that couple?

For the couples:

  1. That want to both be pleasured simultaneously
  2. That are looking for something new

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Chorus Couples Vibrator | We-Vibe

The We-Vibe Chorus couples vibrator is the intuitive toy you need to hit the high notes during intercourse. Direct and easy to utilize so you can investigate new degrees of intimacy and play in an alternative way.

You could use the App to be stimulated by your “accomplice” anytime anywhere no matter how far they may be. Touch control senses permit you to change the vibrations according to your movements and rhythm for toe-twisting orgasms.


These sex toys were intended for sure-fire excitement!

Clitoral vibrators are introducing another age of intended for-ladies sex toys. Astute, useful and effortlessly discreet, if you don’t have one – where have you been?

Who is a clitoral vibrator for?

  1. Ladies who need to upgrade, improve or heighten their excitement and the power of their climaxes
  2. Ladies who want instant arousal

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We-Vibe Match Remote Control Clitoral and G-Spot Vibrator

The We-Vibe Match is worn during lovemaking for unimaginable shared sensations.

The match fits among you and your ‘accomplice’ and delivers an extreme vibration while leaving your hands free to meander.

The thin, ergonomic design adapts to your lovemaking and gives serious clitoral and G-spot incitement.

Remote Control Vibrating Panties | LoveToy

Please and tease with our Remote Control Vibrating Panties from Love Toy. This bit of underwear is both attractive and practical and will make certain to satisfy every one of you adrenaline junkies. Ideal for foreplay, now this is lingerie you both can appreciate.

Delicate trim embraces, and compliments, as the concealed battery-powered bullet settles against your clitoris for highly confidential vibration that can be controlled remotely.


Egg vibrators are splendid kegel exercisers for ladies. They can assist with conditioning those pelvic floor muscles, tighten your vagina and accomplish a more enjoyable sexual coexistence all while expanding your sexual certainty.

Regardless of whether it’s extraordinary climaxes or something subtler you’re after, a vibrating egg gives you an astonishing sensation when worn inside.

These toys are amazingly adaptable and are a basic expansion to your grown-up toy box.

Keeping it tight?

For those:

  1. Kinksters who appreciate some mischievous public play alone or with an accomplice.
  2. Wanting to bring “something” along on their travels.

Lush 2 Wifi Controlled Egg Vibrator | Lovense

The Lush 2 Remote Controlled Vibrator by Lovense is the most recent innovation of amazing couple toys to steam up your sex life to an unheard level of joy.

This Love egg is placed into the vagina against the G-spot and can be controlled by your accomplice from any place, any time. What more can be said, honestly? It can’t get more energizing than this naughty, discreet device.


Rabbit vibrators are THE sex toy no ladies ought to be without! These famous vibes are a mainstay as one of the world’s top of the line sex toys. Intended for joint G-spot and clitoral incitement, enjoy double the delight for climaxes that will take your breath away.

These grown-up toys are ideal for transforming any end of the week into a wild one, regardless of whether you’re going for business or for pleasure. Rabbit vibrators can be your closest companion for solo play, however, add an accomplice in the mix and you’ll have a twofold potion of euphoria!

Investigate a scope of styles (and energetic tones) as you find extraordinary vibrations, rotating beads and thrusting functions. With a particularly wide assortment of Rabbit vibrators on offer, the decision is up to you.

Who came first? The rabbit or the tortoise?

Who are Rabbit Vibrators for?

  1. Ladies looking for more intense climaxes
  2. Ladies looking to add to their collection

Nora Wifi Rabbit Vibrator | Lovense

The Nora App-Controlled Rabbit Vibrator is an extravagant vibrator intended to invigorate both the G-spot and your clitoral area simultaneously.

This technically advanced sex toy is application controlled to give your accomplice command over your gadget from anyplace on the planet making it the ideal intelligent couples toy for significant long-distance romance.

Thanks to its Bluetooth technology you can use this toy as an interactive pleasure activity between you and your lover. Allow them to take control and set the vibrations from their phone or PC while you hold it set up enabling them to control when you peak.


G-spot vibrators Easily the most spoken about aspects of the female anatomy when it comes to female pleasure is the notorious G-spot.

This erogenous, zone which is located between 1-3 inches into the front wall of the internal vaginal canal. If it still remains elusive to you, you are not alone. Luckily there are many wonderful vibrators that are ergonomically designed to help you locate and stimulate the area.

The G-spot is a bean-shaped a gland called Skene gland which is responsible for natural lubrication. When aroused, the spongy tissue becomes engorged by additional blood flow in the area. The glands then secrete mucus into the vagina allowing for increased comfort during sexual activities.

With focused stimulation, Skene glands have the ability to produce intensely powerful orgasms. These g-spot also the reason some woman experience ‘squirting’ as they fill up with liquid which is released when they climax.

These sex toys were made to excite the right parts of you and have been designed to hit that sweet spot every time.

Want to Hit the spot?

For those: Couples that are looking for a toy to enhance arousal

That enjoy solo play

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OSCI 2 Oscillating App-Controlled G-spot Vibrator by Lovense

The Oscillating G-Spot Toy is an exciting new orgasmic experience. The Osci 2 is different any pleasure aid you’ve seen before.

Wifi App-controlled, meaning that this sophisticated vibrator can be controlled from across the globe. Entrust your accomplice with the privilege of control while you enjoy deep, vigorous rumbling.

The ergonomically curved design has a perfectly rounded tip. The Osci 2 meticulously seeks out the G-spot allowing for far more powerful climaxes. Versatilly at your fingertips, it can easily be used to massage the clitoral nerves and vulva.

The Osci 2 has a patented oscillating feature that has back and forth moving action. This wave style of vibration stimulates your G-Spot in ways you’ve never imagined.


So now that you know you WANT a remote-control sex toy, here are some of the best sex toys you can order online…like, as in right now!

This has been a challenging time, to say the least, and regardless of whether you’re purchasing for your next hot masturbation session, for you and your partner(s), or for that companion who needs another toy in their life, we wish you well on your sexual endeavours.

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