Sex-Mas Gifts For The Man Who Doesent Yet Have Everything!

Sex-Mas Gifts For The Man Who Doesent Yet Have Everything

Hi Lovers…

Christmas is coming, and the goose is getting laid… at least, that’s the plan!

Looking for great present ideas for your man? How about gifting him with a super-sexy holiday plaything? If you want to get him a little sensual something-something, there are a range of toys out there in various degree of kinkiness and price-iness. You have toys for each of the 12 days of Christmas, from a slinky little buzz-thing to a festive holiday swing!

But the main question you can ask yourself is not “should I get him a toy for Christmas?” but rather “should the toy I get him for Christmas be used on me… or on him?” In the past, many couples used vibrators and other passion products primarily on the female partner, but these days there is an increasing number of toys for boys too.

On the 12 days of Christmas, your true love can receive… male-friendly vibrators, and stimulators, penis masturbators… and a prostate toy right in his heinie!

As I am writing this, I’m thinking we should do a blog post dedicated to your man’s g-spot.

What? Men have G-spots?

Yes, Ma’am. And more and more people are becoming aware of this. The only thing is, I think it’s called the G spot because it’s like “Gee, I would never have thought of looking for it up there!”

So, for today, let’s touch on his bottom with 1 little anal toy, and do 2 other awesome XXX-Xmas toys, too.


A vibrating cock-ring is really the best of both worlds! It helps maintain his erection, while goading you to greater heights of orgasmic ecstasy, quicker.

And topped by a Rabbit, even better.

The RABBIT LOVE-RING is a top-selling shared sensation toy, sleek and gorgeous, that gives you 90 mins of play per charge. You can customize your ride, with 3 speeds and 7 vibrational patterns to choose from. When he is wearing it, he gets the benefit of the buzz, while it also directs the sweetest stimulation to the clitoris, ensuring a delicious time for both of you.

If this is the only gift you ever give him, I promise you he will never ask for another thing!

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It’s a holiday, its time for fun and freedom. Why not splurge on a luxury sex toy that celebrates another successful year with some serious fun. The JOYDIVISION LOVE SWING is currently the market leader in Europe, with boundaryless variations for your fantasies to fly.

You can lie or sit in front of, or on top of your man, while he reclines or sits underneath you, or even swings from outside the harness. Every swing comes with a comprehensive manual of position suggestions to give you ideas you can then elaborate on yourself.



Now, if you are introducing anal play to him for the first time, check out THE DUKE! I chose this prostate stimulator because it looks unintimidating while being pretty freaking intense. It comes in royal blue and elegant black and has a unique, ergonomic design which adapts perfectly to the male anatomy. The unique shape stimulates the perineum while the removable and rechargeable bullet gives intense vibrations in 5 different levels (2 vibration intensities and 3 vibration rhythms.)

THE DUKE delivers pin-pointed pleasure to the anus, perineum, and prostate. Oh, and it has a hum-quiet, long-lasting motor. What more do I need to say? Delicious play, sensational orgasms, and increased stamina… he will be all in for this Christmas gift.

And this gift will be all in, in him.

PS: always remember the lube!

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I hope this gave you some good ideas for making his Christmas super-special! Remember, we offer delivery in 2-3 days, so let’s get his stocking filled. *cough*

Merry planning!