Sex Survey: Discover What South Africans Say About Sex!

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How frequently do you have sex? What about nude photos? Ever taken part in an affair? How often do you engage in butt-centric sex? Watch Porn often?

These probably aren’t questions you’d love answering, at least not in front of the kids.

Fortunately for us, meddlesome sorts and the individuals who have an absolutely scholastic interest in the corrupt subtleties of others’ sexual experiences, Men’s and Women’s Health has released the official findings of its 2020 Romance, Relationships, and Sex Survey.

Let’s Talk Sex Statistics

Using a random sample of 811 South Africans it uncovered precisely what they do in secret, as well as their fair conclusions about things you’d normally get slapped or arrested for asking.

Following are probably some of the greatest disclosures.

Is it true that they are moving, comforting, or alarming?

That relies upon what’s happening in your bedroom and how your love life stacks up against the “norm.”

1. How often do you have sex?

How Often Do YOu Have Sex?

Contemplating whether you’re the lone individual in the nation whose sex life has taken a plunge in 2020 despite the fact that you’re solid, tough, and still exceptionally keen on your partner? Stop wondering.

36.3% of South Africans have sex 2-3 times a week with 21.6% only going at it once a week. Most of us are well over the weekly average but for the 19.6% who are only sexually active once a month, there is hope as sex toy companies didn’t let the pandemic stand in the way of delivering new items that could help us cope.

A dismal 9% are “having it” less than once a month. If you find yourself in this bracket you may want to check out our guide, Happy Wife, Happy (Sex) Life

2. How often do you feel horny?

How Often Do You Feel Horny?

Everybody has sexual inclinations — some more than others. The scent of your lover’s cologne; the dash of their hair against your skin. What gets you going may be nothing like your best friend, or sometimes even your partner, and how often you feel horny maybe even more different (or not).

A whopping 60% taking part in the sex survey felt the urges every day (no surprise there) with 33.2% feeling horny 2-3 times a week. It’s not necessarily a bad thing to be horny frequently. Sexual drive is a healthy thing, as is sexual activity.

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3. It instantly becomes cheating when a person in a relationship…someone else?

Fill In The Blank

We all know that infidelity is a potent relationship-destroyer, a nuclear bomb that only the strongest unions withstand. Right? So what is the threshold?

25% of those polled thought that flirting with someone on social media would constitute as enough. 21% found that organising a romantic hangout would be cheating whilst 32.9% among the sex survey respondents agreed that it was impossible to say exactly as all couples have their own set of rules for a relationship.

As you can imagine, who did the cheating matters?

Luckily, at the end of the day, your pleasure is also in your own hands.

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4. What do you fight about most often with your partner?

What Do you Fight About

Most couple’s conflicts typically focus over and over again on similar points of tension. Jealousy, money, the kids, and on and on it goes. Well, it’s time to call a truce and see what our respondents had to say.

The sex survey results are in and a grand ⅓ of respondents (33.3%) all agreed that jealousy was a big contribution to the conflict. Only to be bested by 36.6% of those polled agreeing that household duties were the leading cause of tension.

Dishes are my least favourite chore. Give me a day’s worth of laundry any day over scrubbing grease off that dish. To quote St. Teresa of Calcutta “Wash the plate not because it is dirty nor because you are told to wash it, but because you love the person who will use it next.”

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5. How would you feel if your partner still followed their ex on social media?

Following Ex on socail Media

We should all concede something here — we’re for all intents and purposes social media detectives. And this means we have intel into each other’s pasts — potentially years back!. But when your girlfriend or boyfriend still follow their ex on social media, things might get a little more complicated (or not).

A staggering 41.7% agreed that they wouldn’t like it but they would let it go whilst 24.5% would ask their partners to unfollow their exes. A surprising 33.8% said that it was no big deal. Trust is key and as long as your partner hasn’t liked each and every photo, commented on each photo, and generally seems to pay a lot of attention to their ex, call it out. No need to Fret in silence.

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6. How important is it to know your partner’s astrological sign?

Star Signs

As soon as we meet someone new, some of us love to look up their zodiac sign to judge our compatibility because we all know our Aquarius exes are lame but would like some data to prove it (No offence Aquarius — despite it all, we just can’t get enough of you.) But just how important is it to know your partner’s star sign?

A whopping 60% of sex survey respondents couldn’t care less! 28.1% agreed that it doesn’t really matter but could still be fun to talk about whilst 11.8% concluded that it said a lot about their partner’s character and their compatibility with one another.

Do zodiac signs really matter when seeing someone?

The short answer: Yes and no. From one perspective, zodiac signs may offer looks into an individual’s fundamental human nature, their characteristics, driving forces, interests, and so forth … Then again, making a decision about somebody based purely on their astrological sign is never advised, substantially less so with regards to finding a lover.

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7. At what point would you be comfortable sending someone a nude photo, provided they’re open to receiving it?

Sending Nudes?

Sending and receiving nudes, sexual images or videos is pretty common these days. But, at what point is it considered ok to send that “dick pic”?

The sex statistics don’t lie: 33.3% of our sex survey respondents agreed on an exclusive relationship being the point to be reached with 23.9% being down to send one whenever.

22.4% surveyed said they would never send one.

It can all be a bit fun and flirty and let’s face it, sexting is just one of those things that are going to happen.

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8. What’s your biggest insecurity in the bedroom?

From stress to hormones, body image and self-perception, there are many setbacks that can put a dent in your sex life. What makes men and women feel uncomfortable in the bedroom?

52% of those polled cited the ability to perform as the biggest insecurity with 22.3% feeling insecure about their bodies. 18.4% worry about their sexual desires.

9. Your partner wants to film you two having sex. You’re…?

Partners Filming Having Sex

I have two cautionary words for you: Paris Hilton. There are a ton of things you’ll attempt at least once, particularly between the sheets. However, recording your sexual activities for you and your accomplice’s viewing pleasure later? It sounds provocative and fun, however, is it truley?

More than half (57.5%) are into it with only 25.6% of respondents agreeing that they weren’t sure and would have to think about it. 15.9% were not into it at all.

To those who wish to hit record it sure is a thrill but more importantly, is it worth the risk of maybe accidentally being uploaded to the mysterious cloud?

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10. How interested are you in entering into an open relationship?

Hearts, minds and bars. It’s a given that these things are best open. Well, many non-monogamous folks would contend relationships belong on that list. Unfortunately, determining if an open relationship is right for you (or right for you and your partner) isn’t as easy as taking an online quiz and taking the answers at face value.

53.1% of the sex survey respondents agreed they were not interested at all with only 18.4% seeing potential upsides and downsides. Only 14.3% were willing if their partner really wanted it.

There are no disadvantages of open relationships, per se, only the wrong reasons for entering into an open relationship.

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11. How often do you engage in anal sex or other forms of butt play?

Anal Play Stats

These days, butt-centric sex is not, at this point the ~taboo~ subject it used to be, which is something worth being thankful for! In any case, your butt is a body part, and you absolutely never need to feel humiliated about it. In addition, your posterior can be a genuine source of joy in a bigger number of ways than one. Although not everyone seems to agree.

A whopping 56.4% have never done the deed with only 22.1% engaging in the act less than once a month.

On the off chance that you’ve been toying with the possibility of butt-centric sex and are still on the fence, here are a few reasons to dive in, bum first.

12. How often do you watch porn?

Watching Porn Stats SA

Watching pornography has become the standard for some, who use it to liven things up in the sack or while away lonely evenings. But how often do you watch porn? And would you consider that a healthy amount or are you compulsive about it?

26.8% watch porn 2-3 times a week with only 14.7% owning up to watching once a week. 14.2% only watch 2-3 times a month with 15.8% watching less than once a month. 9.2% of respondents watch porn every day with 9.7% never having watched porn.

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13. How do you feel about having a threesome in the future?

Having A Threesome

Threesome. Ménage a Trois. Group sex. Whatever you call it, the persona and appeal of the idea have covered from most of the population the reasonable, not exactly hot entanglements of organizing and executing this sort of experience.

A staggering 48.2% agreed that if the opportunity arose they wouldn’t say no. 22.3% weren’t interested at all with 17.6% being unsure. Lastly, 10.2% stated it was basically their life’s mission.

Engaging in group sex has a unique appeal to and distinct difficulties for every person involved. The bottom line is that you should only ever do what feels right for all parties involved.

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14. How often do you orgasm during sex?

Orgasm During Sex Stats

Have you ever considered how often you ought to be climaxing during sex? Like, would one say once is sufficient or would it be a good idea for you to be attempting to have multiple orgasms? Or on the other hand, perhaps you’re not coming during sex by any stretch of the imagination.

70% of respondents achieve climax every time with only 21.8% usually “coming” but not always. We get so caught up in the mechanics of sex — how to do this move or that move or have more climaxes or pick the correct toy or whatever — when truly the thing we’re discussing is how to feel good!.

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15. Which of the following sex toys and accessories would you be open to using/buying?

Which Sex Toys Stats

On the off chance that you reserve your electronic bedmate for those evenings when your absolutely real, a human accomplice isn’t anywhere near, what’s going on with you? Sex toys are a clutch way to raise the stakes in the bedroom and elevate closeness with your partner since you’re taking a “stab” at something new and energizing together.

53.5% agreed that vibrators were the leading weapon of choice with penis rings coming in a close second (51.3%). 32.3% are open to using dildos with 24.7% using or open to buying butt-plugs. Masturbators garnered 45.9% of the support whilst prostate massagers had 35.4%.

Only 5.8% of our respondents admitted to never using sex toys! By all intents and purposes, it would seem that our rainbow nation has a firm grasp on the idea of sex toys.

The hardest part will be deciding how many of these best sex toys for couples you should add to your arsenal!

16. If you could only have one sex toy what would it be?

If you could only have one sex toy what would it be?

With the wide assortment of sex toys out there (Suction vibes! Clitoral vibes! Wand vibes!), preferably you have one that in any event has a great vibe you depend on that gets you off in record time, on the grounds that hell, you deserve it! But if you could only have one, which would you choose?

32.3% backed the classic vibrator with 20.8% backing masturbators. Bondage gear came in third with 12.9% and 12.1% would reach for a penis ring.

Everything boils down to understanding what you like and finding a toy (or toys) that helps you do it. Or then again, understanding what you like, and finding a toy that gives you some extra-extra while you’re doing it!

So, before you hand over your credit card, let’s talk toys!

How much would you be willing to spend on a sex toy/accessories?

How much would you spend on a sex

Shopping for sex toys can be a lot like online dating: overwhelming, awkward, and a test that calls for isolating the excellent choices from the duds. But how much would you be willing to spend on a sex toy/accessories?

22.9% agreed that they were willing to spend between R750 – R1000 with 18.6% only willing to spend between R200 – R500.

15.7% spend between R1000 – R1500 with 15.5% spending between R500 – R750.

Only 10% were willing to spend more (R1500 – R2000) with 11.2% only willing to spend a dismal R0 – R200 on their pleasure toys.

Like any other personal product, a sex-toy buy ought to be thoroughly thought out, on the grounds that when you invest in a sex toy, you’re investing in personal pleasure.

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We like having intercourse. A few of us more than others, and a few of us in more exploratory or audacious or unusual manners than others.

However, in the event that there is one clear takeaway from these inquiries we posed to South Africans of every age, ethnicity, and geographic area, it’s that we’re engaging in sexual relations, and we like it.

The information within this article is from a survey sponsored by Olivia Grey in association with Men’s Health Magazine South Africa.