Sex Toys: A Guys Guide To Satisfying Your Woman.

Sex Toys: A Guys Guide To Satisfying Your Woman.

Ok guys here we go. We all know that a satisfied woman is a happy woman. I hate to tell you that the days of “Wham! Bam! Thank you ma’am!” are well and truly over. It’s time to pick up your game.

We love power tools!! Who wants to get out a screwdriver when we have an electric one? We are all about more power, bigger engine, acceleration and taking control. Luckily, we can apply this to the bedroom too.

Fear not, Sex Toys Won’t Replace You.

We seem to have this fear of the unknown. Worries that once our partner has a vibrator that we just won’t measure up anymore. That we will become redundant. That the toy is bigger than we are resulting in use being disappointing after.

Guys, a change of mindset is needed here. Would you rather be a hit and run man or the guy that drives your woman wild with desire? Power tools save time but a good craftsman uses both.

Picking Your Weapons

Clitoral stimulation is the phrase that pays. We are also lucky that the clitoris is also the bit that we can see. While we can happily ram a vibrator in and out, we never know if we are hitting the target, so let’s concentrate on what we can see, the clitoris.

Cock rings – You’ll love it when you put a ring on it.

Cock rings are awesome for both of you. Let her ride you like a stallion whilst rubbing her clit on a vibrating cock ring, taking herself over the edge. Your bonus is that you will also stay harder for longer and feel the vibrations.

CLITORAL STIMULATORS – It’s all about hitting the spot

The vast majority of women will orgasm through clitoral stimulation alone. Big or small these sex toys are all about the clit. They tend to be high-speed machines that vibrate with intensity. Lucky for us, they are also easy to use. Just move them slowly on and around the clitoris, don’t worry you will know when you hit the spot.

Instructions: Taking Her Over The Edge, A Practice Guide. (Tools Bellow)

  • Step 1.

Start off with soft music, dim lights and a glass or two of wine. Light a massage candle, yes you will be using this next. The Vanilla one smells amazing.

  • Step 2

Ask her to lie face down and pour the warm massage oil on her body and take your time massaging her head to toe, towards the end concentrating on the buttocks and inner thigh but only “accidentally” brushing against the vagina.

  • Step 3

Ask her to lie on her back and put a blindfold on her (this takes away your inhibitions and hers). If you have already spoken about or used restraints in the past this is a great time to put them on. The under the bed restraints are perfect for this.  Now you want to massage her front.

  • Step 4 – The Power tools

The best tool for the job is a magic wand vibrator although all vibrators will work. Start by touching your chosen weapon lightly on the nipples. The body is full of erogenous zones so use them. Then get down to business. The aim of the game is to tease, bring her to the brink, then stop.

You can also use your finger to massage the G-spot or a sex toy if you have one but concentrate on the clit.

Next repeat. When you’re ready, let her orgasm.  If you’ve taken your time and done it right that chances are that this will be the first of many. Wait a minute and start again.

Done right, you WILL get your just rewards.

Have fun guys

Add These To Your Tool Box

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