Sex Toys for Men: A Beginners Guide

Sex Toys For Men: A Beginners Guide

Sex toys for men have become increasingly more popular over the years.

For the longest time, these pleasurable little devices were seen as only used by women.

Although this may be how sex toys (like the first-ever electric vibrator) first came about, we are long past women being the only ones who get to enjoy them.

There is still a large stigma around men using sex toys, while women are revered for their empowering use of these toys.

We are here to break through that barrier and provide all of you who are new to this world, a beginners guide on sex toys for men, to make you feel more confident and empowered, and less embarrassed around this topic.


What Are Men’s Sex Toys

Men’s sex toys come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and colours.

While some are designed specifically for men to use and enjoy, you also get sex toys such as dildos, butt plugs and anal beads that can be used across genders.

Sex toys for men can usually be split between two broad categories:

Masturbators, dildos, prostate massagers, and butt plugs/ anal beads increase your pleasure, while penis enlargers, cock rings, and penis enhancers increase your sexual performance.

Fishing Lures or Sex Toys

Why Men Should Use Adult Sex Toys

Men should use adult sex toys for the very reason of claiming their sexuality and sexual health in confidence.

Unfortunately, for some men, it’s still very hard for them to talk about masturbation or their sexuality and not feel embarrassed or ashamed.

Women are celebrated and encouraged to express their sexuality, but for men, this is still a work in progress.

Studies have found that 45% of men aged between 18-65 years had used a vibrator and that the use of this could be associated with improved sexual function.

They also found that men who used sex toys were more likely to participate in sexual health-promoting practices such as testicular examinations.

These men also scored themselves higher on satisfaction levels of erectile dysfunction, intercourse satisfaction, orgasmic function, and sexual desire.

It has been recommended by Dr Michael Werner MD, a urologist and specialist in sexual dysfunction, that sex toys play a vital role in erectile dysfunction (ED) treatment, which includes: penis pumps, cock rings, and vibrators used on the penis.

Having orgasms are good for you! We repeat, orgasms are good for you – so have as many as you can.

Studies have shown that men who ejaculate often have a much lower risk of developing prostate cancer.

Now that’s a reason to get masturbating if we ever heard one! Reduce stress and tension through masturbation and toys, NOW!

When we engage in any form of sexual pleasure, we produce dopamine and release endorphins in the brain, hormones that makes us feel good. Both of these impact our blood pressure by lowering it.

There is this large misconception that the use of a sex toy will replace real sex, and this couldn’t be more untrue.

In fact, it’s quite the contrary. Using sex toys allows you to get to know your body on a deeper, more intimate level, which can make you a better lover – um yes, please!

It can improve sexual relationships. Masturbation and use of toys can help when one partner may require more sex than the other.

It can also help couples open up, and get you to explore the most pleasurable ways of satisfying each other sexually.

They can be enjoyed solo or with a partner making your bedroom antics even steamier. It’s also perfect for foreplay and getting each other aroused and revving for more.

With the use of adult sex toys, men can also learn how to delay ejaculation, remain hard after orgasm, and have multiple orgasms.


The Main Types of Sex Toys for Men

Male Masturbators

Male masturbators are meant to replicate as closely as possible the sensations of penetrative sex during masturbation.

These devices have more texture, and some come in the form of a molded vagina — like the ever-popular Fleshlight! The Fleshlight is said to be one of the best sex toys for men!

They provide better sensations than using your hands and are also brilliant training aids for actual sex.

Prostate Massagers

Prostate massagers are sex toys that have been specifically designed to massage and stimulate the prostate.

The prostate is located underneath the bladder and can be reached through the anus, where the massager is inserted.

These orgasms have been found to be even more intense than the standard penis stimulated orgasms.

Also known as the male “G-spot” or “P-spot”, massaging this area will provide increased stimulation and stronger orgasms.

Many men experience intense, long-lasting, even multiple orgasms and intense ejaculation when their prostate is massaged.

By regularly massaging the prostate, you can relax tension and stress in the muscles and nerve endings in that area.

Regular prostate massage can reduce the risk of developing prostate cancer and genital pain by improving blood circulation and cleansing the prostate.

You can flush out any stagnant prostate fluid when having a prostate orgasm, it’s this fluid which can often cause swelling of the prostate, so by doing this you can potentially avoid the need for surgery.

Prostate massage can additionally ease the symptoms of hemorrhoids and anal fissures.

You’ll find that some prostate massagers offer vibration for added pleasure.

Now the idea of sticking something into your butt can be scary, but let’s agree the juice is definitely worth the squeeze here.

Male Vibrators

Male vibrators are sex toys that are specifically designed to stimulate the male erogenous zones with a series of intense vibrating and pulsating motions.

Some vibrators are specially designed to reach the male g-spot and stimulate the prostate, as well as be used alone or with a partner.

Cock Rings

Cock rings or penis rings are worn around the base of the penis to constrict blood flow so that erections last longer, which can intensify orgasms.

Make sure not to wear them for more than 15-20 minutes.

These often discreet looking toys are great for dealing with erectile dysfunction & premature ejaculation, and they can also make your penis look harder and bigger than usual thanks to all the extra blood.

During partner intercourse, vibrating models will add some extra stimulation to the clitoris and the shaft.

Plus, cock rings are perfect for extra stimulation while using them with other masturbators or anal toys.

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Butt Plugs

While butt plugs are not as precise as prostate toys, they do have so many of their own pros.

The anus comprises of so many sensitive nerve endings, and by using a butt plug you can really intensify your sexual experience.

Use them to train yourself to be more comfortable with anal sex. They are also great hands-free toys that can be worn for long periods of time.

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Dildos are phallic-shaped sex toys that come in all sorts of shapes, colors, and sizes.

Some of them can be very realistic looking, while others are less phallic looking. Whatever your preference, there’s a dildo out there for you.

Most dildos will also fit in a strap-on harness, so these toys are perfect for pegging.

Some dildos even come equipped with suction cup bases making them completely hands-free.

They’re perfect for a more realistic experience during anal penetration, as well as being great for playing out threesome fantasies with a partner.

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Penis Pumps

Penis pumps are designed to maximise the size of the girth, length, or hardness of a man’s erection.

Besides just getting bigger in size, these devices are a great way to improve sexual performance and prolong erections.

Penis pumps often come in the form of a cylinder or tube with a pump attached. The cylinder creates a strong, stimulating vacuum causing the penis to expand when pumped.

Penis Extenders

Penis extenders, cock sleeves, or cock sheaths are often made of plastic or rubber and are designed to be placed over the shaft of the penis in order to add extra length and girth.

They can enhance sexual activity and allow for deeper penetration.

The three main reasons someone would use a penis extender:

  • To make the penis look and feel bigger
  • To help deal with erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation.
  • So that they can add up to one to three inches onto the end of their penis and provide additional stimulation to their partner.

How To Choose a Male Sex Toy

It can be overwhelming trying to choose a sex toy, especially when starting out.

Take as look at our guide box below which can help you in deciding.

Men’s Toys



Usages (suggested)

Penis Pump


Penis Pumps

Increases blood flow to your shaft boosting length & girth

Effects are not long-lasting

Use it to get an erection


Cock Rings

Helps to boost size & endurance and stimulates your partner too

Blood flow to your penis is limited

Use it for a fast and easy way to improve sexual performance or boost overall stimulation

Male Masturbators


Male Masturbators

Pleasure nubs and realistic textures will feel way better than just using your hand

Takes more effort to look after and clean than some other sex toys

Use it for the best masturbation of your life


Penis Extenders & Cock Sleeves

Increases length & girth and is covered with ticklers, nubs and bumps for more sensations

Not always the easiest to hold in place

Use it for deeper penetration and stimulating your partner during sex

Prostate Massager


Prostate Massagers & Anal Toys

Prostate toys massage the male “g-spot” which results in mind-blowing orgasms, while anal toys stimulate the nerve sensitive nerve endings in the anus, which can feel amazing

You have to be comfortable with sticking something in your butt

Use for prostate massage and to strengthen & intensify orgasms

How to Use your Adult Sex Toy

We know you’re excited, but before jumping straight into using your sex toy, we have a couple of guidelines you should follow.

1. Make sure you wash your sex toy well before using it for the first time. Find a private place to use it where you won’t be disturbed.

2. When you’re ready, make sure you use enough lubrication. Make sure to stock up on a good water-based lubricant, since other lubes may be damaging for your toys. So do your due diligence in checking which lubes can be used with your sex toy!

3. Once you’re finished, make sure to clean your sex toy thoroughly.

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Our Top 5 Male Sex Toys for Getting Started

Here at Olivia Grey we offer only the best sex toys online and have a range of choice, and variety to choose from!

We ensure the most discreet delivery, and if you are sending it to someone, it will arrive in a plain box with nothing on the packaging, or on your credit card bill to reflect what’s inside.


Male Masturbators

The Fleshlight is one of the most popular male masturbators. It’s basically a pussy in your pocket, I mean what more could you want?

In this case, the masturbator is well hidden within what looks like a torch.

What’s even better, is some of the vaginal moulds are of real porn stars, so you could make your porn fantasies a reality!

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Tenga Egg

The Tenga Egg masturbator is a single-use sleeve and contains a super-stretchable elastomer sleeve that fits most sizes.

If your size is more discreet, you can grip it tighter, while if you’re on the larger side of life, it’ll stretch to fit.

There are many different eggs and each design on the outside of the egg reflects the internal details, so enjoy different sensations from each!

Prostate Massager

Prostate Massager

Now that you know just how beneficial it is to be massaging that prostate, we highly recommend getting one of these bad boys.

The Lelo Loki will blow your mind with pleasure with its six settings and luxurious silicone curved 10cm shaft.

The shaft is wide at the curved tip but narrows down before flaring out at the base, making it extremely comfortable once inserted.

Happy Rabbit Cock Ring

Cock Ring

Perfect for couples, you really can’t go wrong with one of these happy rabbit® Vibrating Cock Rings.

With 3 speeds and 9 patterns of powerful vibrations. spend the night exploring each other.

This toy is USB rechargeable, so you can take it and use it anywhere, and it’s also completely waterproof for underwater escapades.


It’s time to explore your body and reap the benefits of using sex toys both personally or with a partner.

We hope you enjoyed our guide on sex toys for men, and that you found it a useful resource as you begin to play with yourself and others!

If you have any questions or comments, please drop us a message below and we’ll be happy to get back to you.

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