Sex Toys: His, Hers, And Something In Between!


Hi Lovers, happy to see you here…

If you are reading this, it’s safe to assume you are interested in expanding your sexual horizons, which is brilliant and beautiful. Let’s discuss some basics, like getting your love-muscles strong and toned. What am I talking about? Taking your genitals to the gym, that’s what!

Exercising your vaginal walls brings many more perks than merely mind-blowing sexy-times, although that is reason enough. Being well-toned down south brings many, many benefits. We have an upcoming blog post dedicated to Ben-Wa Balls and Kegel exercises, so look out for it.

And the man in your life most probably has a penis, right? And penis is made of muscle, so perhaps it would also like to buff up a bit. If he exercises in other ways, why not give his peen a work-out too?  Let’s get him really pumped by encouraging him to get penis pumped.

And after that, we encourage you to take your toned new bods out for a spin with a sexy new piece of tech: a discrete, whisper-quiet, medical-grade, USB rechargeable couples vibrator. Aka a vibe, which is what you call it when you’re on first-name terms with your vibrator. Which you should be.

So, herewith, our pick of one sex toy for Her, Him, and Both. Come on, dive deep. And when you come up for air, please tell us how it went!


The Delicious Pleasure Ben-Wa Balls are sheer perfection for Kegel beginners and frequent users. These comfy little balls help build stronger kegel muscles AND give you sensual stimulation. It’s a win-win!

You can wear while shopping or during sexy times, and they come with a luxurious satin bag for discreet storage and travel. When popped snugly inside of you, the free-roaming balls inside of the silicone casing move around while you move. This causes the muscles of the vagina to clench and relax, helping to strengthen your pelvic floor AND massaging your G-spot with perfect precision.

Sexual health plus so much pleasure. Did I mention win-win?

“PENIS PUMPS ARE GREAT!” – Women Whose Men Use Penis Pumps

Just like your Ben-Wa balls can be for your own use, he may choose to use this on his own. Sure, you can use it together, but this is for him to up his sex game by getting stronger, more frequent erections, and you don’t have to be there while he does it. So send him the link for our blog on penis pumps, And send him a link to the Bathmate product range

These are high-end sexual prowess enhancer, designed to take a hydrotherapy penile muscle workout to other levels. The result of using this? Male sexual wellbeing, and obviously… female sexual pleasure…

This is the Big Gun, honey!

What this one has, above most other penis pumps, is the addition of a handball pump (which means that all the power can be experienced by the user). It comes with a range of sleek accessories, including a carry case, comfort insert pad, security lock, and shower strap.

Bells, whistles, and a magnificent hard-on. What’s not to love.


The name says it all: Unite! Bringing couples even closer together, this little beauty is a discrete smooth operator. It fits perfectly between your bodies and stays in place, giving off orgasm-inducing vibrations that stimulate you to the moon and back while leaving your hands free to roam.

It is rechargeable, with 60 minutes of play from one single charge. And so easy to use, with one single button that activates the buzz from an easy-to-use remote that works within a three-meter radius!

Hope you got something from this post that will improve your sexual health and sex life.

Please feel free to comment or mail directly with your questions. Don’t be shy… we’re not ;}}

Lots of love and sexy stuff

Irit Noble