Summer Lovin’, Had Me A Blast-Off Orgasm

Happy New Year, Lovers! May 2019 bring you love, learning, and success in every area.

I don’t only mean physically, mentally, spiritually, and financially, I’m also referring to every area of your sweet sweet bod.

For us here on the tip of Africa, the beginning of the year is searing hot, and so the sex is naturally pretty damn steamy. But even for those of you in colder climes, the chilly weather may cause you to seek cuddly cosiness, leading to some hot, erotic nights!  And one way to start the new year with a bang is to top up your sex toy box, celebrating this fabulous new start with toys that please the eyes as much as they do rest of you!


It is always a bondage experience, sorry, I mean bonding experience, to do some toy shopping with your lover. It also makes for a great new year gift, to surprise them with something sexy to set the tone for a hot year ahead.

So, what do you think of these? Cute, right?

Fun and sexy and did I mention super fun and totally sexy lol, if you are feeling experimental, why not give this little gem of a toy a try. Some people like a little bling and this JEWELLED BEGINNER’S METAL BUTT PLUG has a gorgeous array of gleaming colours set into its large crystal base, ready to twinkle saucily, up into your lover’s eye-line.

Because it is made from a conductive metal, it also lends itself to the exciting option of temperature play. Submerge it in warm water to bring it to body temperature or cool it for added sensory thrills.


Rabbits rule.

And with many to choose from, the Slimline Realistic Rechargeable Rabbit Vibrator from world-leading manufacturer Happy Rabbit is for those with a bold taste. It is freaking intense, giving you resounding stimulations, both externally and internally… simultaneously. It’s also our best selling rabbit vibrator 

And I love that it looks so gorgeous too.


Lube is a must, especially for any sensual experimentation. And most especially for smooth anal pleasure, because this is an area you do not want to play around in without lubrication. You must also be very aware of only using water-based lubes on toys and with condoms, as the silicone varieties do eat away at their materials.

The Olivia Grey team loves PJUR AQUA! It is an incredibly silky, never sticky, water-based lubricant. When used, it is completely absorbed in the skin, leaving plump moisture behind.  And, this being a premium product, it actually protects and nourishes dry skin.



If you have work or lifestyles that mean you are often separated, indulge yourselves in a fabulous app-connected toy. There are many that can be worn on the body and controlled via phone. These can be your sexy little secret, and a wonderful way to stay connected.

And perfect for solo fun are Ben Wa Balls (Kegel exercise balls, worn inside the vagina). Be sure to read our post on the joys of having balls;}. They are discreet, and perfect for adventuring trips like hiking or ones that include a lot of walking. Have your holiday fun and get a supreme vaginal work-out at the same time. And as a special treat, get the vibrating balls.

I feel inspired to have a brilliant, creative, adventurous year… do you? Leave a comment, let’s connect.

Love you lots, honey, chat soon


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