All There is To Know About Tantric Sex

Know About Tantric Sex

Tantric sex originates from ancient Hinduism and revolves around sexual practices thats main emphasis is on making a profound, deep and personal connection. 

During tantric sex, the point is to be present in the moment to accomplish an erotic and satisfying sexual experience whilst moving sexual energy throughout the body for healing, transformation and enlightenment.

Advocates of tantric sex believe that tantric techniques may help settle sexual inconveniences like untimely discharge, anorgasmia or erectile dysfunction.

We investigate what tantric sex is, the processes of becoming more acquainted with one’s body and one’s accomplice’s body, how to get ready and also share breathing techniques and tips.


Tantric sex is a slow, meditative form of sex where the end goal is not orgasm but enjoying the sexual journey and sensations of the body. 

It aims to move sexual energy throughout the body for healing, transformation, and enlightenment.

Tantric sex is all about respecting one’s body and the body of one’s accomplice.

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By setting aside some time to become acquainted with one’s own body just as that of one’s accomplice, it can help make the experience satisfying for everyone involved. 

An individual may consider giving their accomplice a lethargic, full-body rubdown to find out more about their body and help stir their sexual energy. 

This may, in turn, help an individual become aligned with their partner’s needs and desires. 

Just like the case with any sexual act, if at any time an individual or their accomplice feels awkward, the action will stop.

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Tantric sex urges individuals to become acquainted with their own bodies and become in tune with them. 

By understanding the craving of one’s own body, one can utilize this during sex with their “partner in crime.” This may prompt more prominent sexual satisfaction and more serious climaxes. 

To comprehend what one’s body needs, it very well may be valuable to take part in tantric self-care or masturbation. 

In the event that an individual finds that they have emotional hang ups around getting off themselves, they ought to be careful and delicate with themselves as they investigate what is keeping them from becoming acquainted with their own body all the more intimately. 

The more an individual thinks about their body and delight zones, the almost more certain they are to have a wonderful sexual encounter. 

If someone doesn’t wish to participate in masturbation and has an accomplice, however, they may feel more good finding out about their own body through collaborated sex.

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There are a couple of things an individual or couple can do to really get ready for tantric sex. For instance, they can:

1. Put aside time:

Tantric sex is tied in with moving gradually and being present in the moment.

For the most part, it can last for up to an hour or more. Subsequently, make certain to put aside some time to have an ideal opportunity to completely draw in every moment and appreciate the experience.

2. Read up more on it: 

The more information somebody has on the subject of tantric sex, the more they are probably going to feel ready for it.

3. Find a great spot: 

The environment in which you decide to have tantric sex is vital to the whole experience.

In a perfect world, it will occur in a relaxing setting with an agreeable temperature. An individual might light a scented candle, or put on some chilled music.

4. Get focused: 

Focusing on being present in the moment can be troublesome if an individual is encountering pressure or has numerous things at the forefront of their thoughts. 

Silent meditation or some stretches before tantric sex may help accomplish a clearer outlook.

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Breathing plays a key role in tantric sex. This is because of the fact that tantric sex revolves around contemplation and self reflection.

During tantric sex, an individual should zero in on breathing deeply through the stomach. 

To accomplish this, they should take a full breath through the nose for five counts. They should feel their stomach expand. They should then breathe out through the mouth for five counts. 

While participating in tantric sex with an accomplice, synchronizing the breath may expand closeness and connection. 

Another breathing procedure individuals can attempt is Kapalbhati. 

Kapalbhati drags out discharge in guys. At the point when a male feels that they are going to climax, they ought to powerfully breathe out through the mouth and then, at that point, breathe in through the mouth.



There is no rule that says you need to be naked during tantric sex, and most positions are doable with and without clothing. 

It is up to the couple whether they wish to bare it all, start with garments on and afterwards get stripped or keep their clothes on all throughout the deed.


Tantric sex supports the utilization of every one of the five senses.

By being thoughtful and present in the moment, individuals can hone in on all the senses they are encountering in the sexual experience. This can upgrade the experience.


Tantric sex might be a totally new encounter for certain individuals. It is helpful to participate in self-investigation without anyone else or with an accomplice. 

It might likewise be helpful to explore different avenues regarding the various parts of tantric sex to discover what works for oneself and one’s accomplice. 

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Time To Try Tantric Sex

There are numerous fantasies about tantra that can cause people to feel like it’s not for them.

Individuals have such a lot of force and truth stored away in their sexuality. 

At the point when individuals get aligned in their sexuality, when their sexual “life power” energy is completely turned on in them and associated with their souls and spirits, they can turn into the most flourishing, relentless, and roused renditions of themselves to go realize their wildest dreams on this planet.

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