The Happy Rabbits Have Arrived

The Happy Rabbits Have Arrived

Wishing you all a happy 2019, and with a new year comes some new products!

We are very excited to announce the arrival of our new Happy Rabbits, and we know you will want to give them a lovely, warm, welcoming home;}}.

These sleek and gorgeous bunny buddies come in a few variations, and also have a lot of benefits in common, like their velvety-soft, skin-safe silicone.  They are high-quality products with a super smooth finish which makes them very easy to clean and ensures that they also dry almost instantly.

They are rechargeable, so you don’t have to worry about batteries, and charging the Happy Rabbit is simple, with an indicator light that lets you know when it has fully charged.

Most importantly, they all have the super-power of making you orgasm in minutes… in fact, we challenge you to try not to orgasm too quickly!

We suggest you go through the manual first, getting used to clicking through the different vibrations so that when you use it, you can just lay back and enjoy. Although you need to put in a little homework, to check out the instruction manual, it is worth the time spent!

You know the old saying: happy rabbit, happy you… so here are our reviews of our top 4:


This slender yet zingy item has 15 powerful vibrating settings with strong clitoral stimulation.

A sleek and sexy matt black, it has a lovely solid feeling, without being too stiff. The G-spot part of the toy is delicious, hitting the G-spot spot-on, almost immediately. Orgasm is quick and inevitable, with its powerful intensity coupled with the differences in the vibrational rhythms.

The vibrations range from low to intense, with three different speeds for the ears alone. The smaller rounded button works the rabbit and the longer silver button works the main shaft of the vibrator, making it easy to move between the vibrations.

Like it’s counterparts, this item comes with a USB charging lead – a wonderful plus point. Who wants to fuss with batteries, hello, this is 2019! When charging in the evening you will see a soft glow around the buttons.

And, bonus, it is really quiet (although you probably won’t be!). We recommend this as a brilliant beginner toy, but really it is an all-rounder.


The Thrusting Realistic Rechargeable Rabbit Vibrator from Happy Rabbit, with its powerful thrusting and lovely girth, this could be the most realistic sex toy ever!  This vibrantly coloured bunny is luxuriously lifelike and super simple to use with its sleek-look two buttons… so you can use all your attention to your orgasms!

The shaft of the toy is smooth but when you squeeze it you can feel its internal beads. The head has a slight curve, and this curve might look mild but once the rotating function is switched on you will soon see its G-spot reaching potential at work.

Softer than most, it has all the right angles to bring you to amazing orgasm super quick. You will love how big it is and will not believe how realistic the thrusting is! The different thrusting speeds and the many different vibration speeds on the ears mean that it is able to tease and stimulate your G-spot perfectly, making you orgasm quickly and strongly.

It’s also completely waterproof, so can be used in the bath or shower and the charge lasts ages so you can play and play and play away!


Ooh, la-la, these beads will have you singing! With the slightly bulbous shape of the head being very stimulating, the beaded shaft also smoothly stimulates the entrance to vagina with extreme precision.

The combination of vibration and rotation is breathtaking, but for a toy with this much power, its low noise level is impressive – not completely silent but certainly is quiet for a toy with two motors running at once.

For fans or first-time beaded toy beginners, you will all find the beaded rotation incredible! And this toy also has really amazing ‘ear power’ – seriously, the word powerful does not describe it adequately. Power vibes, power feels, powerful orgasm.

Having both of these experiences combined gives you the most intense blended orgasm available on the market today. for almost hands-free sessions. Plus, the multiple of settings means you can experiment till you find exactly what you want.


Powerful, kinky, and with some extra fun for your bum, this amazing little machine has 3 deliriously powerful motors, 9 intense functions in the ears and beads, and 12 powerful speeds and patterns in the shaft.

This rechargeable silicone triple rabbit. is sooo very sleek looking but the shape of the natural curve is amazing! It has a deliciously soft shaft, covering it’s three motors. Be warned though, you may not even get to try the different functions in your first few sessions, that is how wonderful the initial ones are!

The base of the shaft has a softer squish to it making it extremely flexible, but the firm head makes sure it gets you where you need it. The beads are nice and small, so you get the benefits without being too aware of them all the time.

Far from the standard rabbit, this one It has the spiciness of that little something extra, with all the options. You can even just use the beads externally for a different sensation to the internal vibes, and actually, you don’t even need the vibrations turned on! It just gives you so many variations of play – we highly recommend it!

It also has a memory function for the shaft – do the perks never stop!

But the most exciting thing for some of is that it can be used hands-free because the beads help anchor it into the perfect spot, so you can just lie back and enjoy. It is a sensational couple’s toy too… really, the possibilities are endless… and so are the orgasms!

Time to bring home a Happy Rabbit in your warren. And remember the water-based lubricant… always.

When you order, we hop to it, and you can expect your order to arrive really quickly!