The Ins and Outs of Vibrators

The Ins and Outs of Vibrators

Dude, do not fear the vibrator! And Sister, don’t worry that a vibrator will make you turn your back on dick. Vibrators are none-addictive! And, when used as a couple, they are an added bonus, not the main event.

Once upon a (sexually repressed) time, it was believed that women had no sensual desires. Imagine being a woman in that era, feeling sexy AF and trying to repress it because you thought you were the only one! Back in the day, when women didn’t hold it down, they would be taken to the doctor – a male doctor, of course – and treated as if they had a ‘condition’, one that they termed hysteria.

The upside of the story is that the doctors, recognizing that these women just needed a good orgasm, began seeking a ‘cure’. And that is how the dildo was born! To help women, doctors began developing what is now known as the Vibrator. Hooray.

Today, we recognize that good sex, including masturbation, is a healthy part of life! Vibrators are a fact of life, they are often household items and have even permeated popular culture. Remember the iconic Sex and the City episode in which Charlotte disappears for days, with her newly discovered Rabbit? And remember the pegging episode in Broad City?

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While they do not replace a penis, their vibrations provide an intensity of stimulation that makes easier orgasms just a switch-flip away!

There is a multitude of shapes, sizes, and surprises when it comes to purchasing a vibrator today. There isn’t just one standard, giant buzzing phallus. But then again, too many tools can be intimidating, or become more of a distraction than an enhancement. Start with one or two, and get to know what you like before purchasing more.

Vibrators are available in a broad range of types:


There is really a vibe for every occasion – want something easy to travel with (meaning easy to hide) try a small bullet vibrator. Are you a woman over forty? You may need more power than a younger woman, so a Rabbit may really rock your world! Take time to research and find ones that are perfect for you.

And buying your vibrator online comes with many benefits. Finding the right shop, and then spending time there in person, discussing your intimate life, is not necessarily the best way. Buy your passion product online, for these 5 great reasons. 

  • You can take your time to do all the research needed to find the perfect one, in an unhurried way.
  • Being in a shop may be stressful, and stress fuels impulse buying.
  • You can find the best prices online! Because you have a lot of choices, online stores offer far better prices so that we can be sure to give the most value.
  • You know no-one else had their hands on it, not like shops in which the product may have been touched by others.
  • You can’t drink wine in a shop!

Please get in touch with us if you need more guidance, or have questions about any of our lovely goodies.

Wishing all you sexy-sexy people a fun, loving, orgasmic time!

Olivia Grey 

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