Toys For Good Boys: How To Use A Sex Toy On Your Man, Lady.

Sex Toys For Good Boys


The Age of the Strong Woman is upon us! And with this comes new freedom: you can ask for what you want. And if you what you want is to have your man moaning like a soothed beast under your touch… this is the post for you!

We have the advice, and just the sex toys you need, to get the job done diddly-un.

Maybe he has had experience with your toys, but only because you have both been using them on you? Or maybe you have used your toys on him, at this stage? Using your toy on your partner is the best way to show him what a blast they are, and kind of wean him onto them. And now… let’s make this Christmas a special time, with brand-new toys for very good boys;}}.

If you have never discussed this with him, see our post about how to bring it up to him. Maybe send him a sexy test, and gage his response. Like “I was thinking about what it might be like to use my vibrator on you… does that sound like fun?” Keep it light.

Give Him Time

Let him respond in his own time. He may be crazy keen, or he may need to be um… buttered up. If he’s into it, but a little intimidated, you can slip your toy out during foreplay, and talk to him as you reveal it. Gaze sexily into his eyes and tell him how good it will feel on his body, and how good you will feel to watch his pleasure…

Remember: BE SAFE! If you are not, as they say, fluid-bonded, you absolutely must use fresh condoms. Slip one on any toys you use on him, that you may later use on yourself.


  1. LUBES & OILS ARE SMOOTH OPERATORS! And you gotta have some! Fragrant lubes, flavoured lubes, lubes that leave tingling sensations, there is a divine variety. These make penetration much easier, are imperative for anal, and ultra-enhance sensual pleasure. You can start with scented massage oil to heat up that massage, and end with a flavoured, water-based lube for an unbelievable, unbeatable blow-job.
  2. COCK-RINGS ARE A GIRLS BEST FRIEND! This is a ring made of rubber or silicone, that is placed on the shaft of your partner’s penis and restricts its blood flow to give him (and you) the pleasure of a bigger, more lasting boner. Many of them are vibrating, with a little buzzing bit that can be directed to your clitoris or his balls.
  3. HANDCUFFS WILL SET HIM FREE! Oh, girl! If he lets you cuff him, tease him, and eventually please him just that one first time, you can bet he will be the one asking for it next time. Handcuffs give him the chance to relinquish control and give you the chance to show off your skills, uninterrupted. See our post on how to tie him up, and what to do once you have!
  4. POCKET ROCKETS WILL SEND YOUR MAN TO THE MOON! Small and super discreet, these are amazing for when you’re using a sex toy with him for the first time. Perhaps something teeny, but with a big buzz, will introduce him in a way that is unintimidating yet has enough power to make the heavens open for him. Gently caress the vibrator around his penis and ass, while you have him in your mouth. He will love you forever!
  5. COUPLES TOYS BRING YOU CLOSER…Closer to orgasm, that is. Choose something like an egg, as a ‘starter toy’. If he wants to start with something in which he has the power (literally), then in this sexy age of magic machines, why not try a blue-tooth-operated vibrator. You give him full reign, with a toy he can operate with his cellphone. Seriously sexy stuff read all about in this here blog post!

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If he is keen, you can make a real couples-evening to purchase your sex toys together. With such a wonderful variety online to choose from, you can have a sexy evening just from doing your shopping! And give us a shout if you have any questions, we love to chat with you. Discursion guaranteed. Guaranteed, sister! And don’t forget to like and follow us on Facebook, for more fun and sexy talk!