Travelling With Sex Toys? Here’s What You Need To Know

Travelling With Sex Toys

Hi Lovers, hope your holiday season is a sexy one so far!

Are you travelling at all, over this time? And are you going anywhere sexy… or somewhere that you would like to make sexy? Being away from home may bring out the adventuress in you and having your sex toys should be part of the journey.

So, have toys, will travel… let’s go!


  • Discreet and small
  • Not super-obvious
  • As quiet as possible
  • Has a travel lock
  • And a USB charger!


  • Leave your giant, diesel-powered, kick-started strap-ons at home.
  • If it can be used as a weapon or restraint, do not pack it; those accessories are just not worth the hassle, and you can always get creative when you arrive at your destination.

There are lots of sexy yummies that wouldn’t raise too many eyebrows if spotted in your luggage, like lingerie, erotic massage oil candles, or fabulous little toys that are shaped like lipstick or rubber duckies.  Or perhaps something small, discrete, and quiet… like a little cock-ring? Pack a few of these wonderful little pecker-pals, and you’ll be very happy you did!

Going through airport security already makes one’s nerves jangle, right? So when you add a vibrator into the mix it really sends one into a cold sweat. But why? Sex toys are legal (check this, of course, depending on the country you are entering) and having someone check your luggage and find it is just something you have to endure, for the reward of having it on the other end.

Just consider how to it smoothly. You don’t want your expensive vibrator confiscated because it gives off that ‘bomb vibe’!


The most elegant solution is to keep your toys in a carry-on, with all your other valuables.

And checking your baggage means that at least if your baggage is opened and inspected, it will be in a more private space. Put your toys in a clear bag on the top of your clothes, so that at least they don’t have to mess everything up to get to it. You have nothing to hide!


If you have battery-operated toys, remove them before you fly to ensure that they don’t go off in your luggage, and have authorities thinking there is a bomb in your bag. Also, you don’t want to have dead batteries when you unpack. Of course, you must not forget to pack the batteries so put them in a little clear bag, for easy packing.

Little bullet vibes are great for travelling, as their batteries are tiny and if you do forget to take them out, the vibration is super-soft and won’t set off any major airport alarms!


Plugs differ around the world, so your toy might need a plug adapter or even a current converter. Having USB-chargeable toys mean just popping it into your laptop and avoiding all of that hassle.


You don’t want that bag to vibrate, so lock that toy right up. Many rechargeable sex toys have a lock on them to ensure they stay asleep. If yours doesn’t have this option, just let the battery run down before packing.


Get travel-sized lubes and toy cleaners (travel essentials!). Many airlines restrict carry-on liquids, so check the limitations to make sure you comply. You do not want to end up using hotel moisturizers as many of those have oils, which will ruin your silicone toys.

And you need lube, as your holiday fun should definitely include lots of solo or mutual masturbation… read our blog post on why this is sooooo good for you.

So definitely take your favourite lube with you. Trying to find your preferred lube in a foreign city may be more than your google translator can handle! And the same goes for condoms; makes can vary greatly from country to country so be prepared.

Did this blog post help at all? I hope so! You want your holiday to be fun, but you want a chill trip there and back, too!

Be blessed and sexy…