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Valentines, shmalentines, right? Being single means not having to mingle with a bunch of loved-up hearts-and-flowers shmaltzmongers quaffing down chocolate with their oversized glasses of red wine before going home to have romance-sex. Screw them.

Because being alone does not equate to being lonely. There’s a lot to keep you company: social media, books, Netflix, pets, projects… we all have our favourite forms of home entertainment.

And one more line item that should top that list: sex toys, baby!

A box of happy tricks is one way to forget how anyone else may be spending their evening when you are so busy enjoying yours. And you can really make an evening of it. Plan ahead!

Start off with a deep massage with a Magic Wand. These toys are exactly what you need to de-stress, with movable massage-heads that can get into all those knots caused by daily stresses. Magic Wand Vibrating Massagers were designed to pass as literal massagers; while they are super-boosters for sex vibes, when used for their original ‘intended purpose’ they give a hella massage! Magic Wands are guaranteed to give you the relief and relaxation your body is just craving, and twenty minutes of that will loosen you right up for your Sensual Evening of Me-time.

Then, slip into a deep, warm bath (if your city can spare the water of course) with a waterproof, Clitoris Stimulating Vibrator. And you did plan ahead, so there is that glass of red wine for your other hand.

Revel in the suds and serenity, in the light of a candle or five. Have a romance with your sexy self, enjoy the lights flickering on your body and the feel of water against every part of you. This is a wonderful Tantric technique – basically, it is just simple sensual mindfulness.

Or go the other direction: treat yourself to some aural stimulation by playing XXX-rated clips in the background. The sound of sexy people being sexy will make you sexy, Sexy!

And the little sex toy will do the rest.

Finally, hop into bed with a Rabbit and a tube of lube! A Rabbit Vibrator takes care of you in every way, to deliver that much-coveted blended orgasm. With it’s deeply burrowing shaft, your G-spot will be well-taken care, while your clitoris revels in the attention of those Happy Rabbit’s vibrating ears.

You want to spend a sexy night, feeling spoiled? DO IT YOURSELF.

DIY, friend. The power is within you lol. Kiss Valentine’s Day goodnight, being your own best lover.

For reals.

Real orgasms, that is.