Vibrators: Choosing The Right “Vibe” For Good Vibrations All The Time!

Vibrators which one is for you

Today, there are plenty of vibrators to choose from when you’re looking to get your buzz on, but finding the right “vibe” for you, your partner or both of you can sometimes take you deep, deep down the proverbial rabbit hole.

Not to fret, though, as we’ve created a comprehensive product guide — that even ol’ Alice would approve of — to lead you orgasm first into ‘Wonderland’.

So, whether you’re a first-time buyer looking to shake your own boots, or you’re looking to add some extra spice to your sex life, read on for the ride of your life!

What is a Vibrator?

First developed as a “cure” for women with hysteria way back in the Victorian era these sex toys have come a long way to helping women reach new peaks of sexual exploration (and liberating them from the misdiagnosis of old age kooks).

Vibrators come in many different phallic shapes and sizes with built-in motors that produce vibrations from the wobbling motor inside.

Known for its mind-numbing stimulation of one’s lady bits, the humble vibrator also helps promote blood flow for firmer erections in men — yes, guys, you can benefit from the buzz too!

Applying these vibrations to the right erogenous areas gives you a winning recipe for orgasms any day of the week!

These buzzing sticks of delight can also be used by couples to spice things up in the bedroom and offer only “good, good, good, good vibrations…” 

Now that you know a little bit more about them, let’s take a closer look at the various selections available today, what makes them special and who they’re perfect for!

Bullet Vibrators

Introducing the ‘James Bond’ of vibrators.

Sleek, seductive and small, these powerful pieces of pleasure are used mainly for clitoral stimulation, but can also be used as an accessory with other sex toys like:

They’re very user-friendly and can be stored or taken anywhere without anyone being the wiser (think international sex spy).

Bullet vibrators really proof that dynamite does indeed come in small packages!

Who they’re perfect for?

The sexual weapon of choice for:

  1. First-time buyers looking for something a little more discreet – perfect for easing into sexual vibrations across several areas of the body 
  2. Couples that want to introduce sex toys into their relationship – very unassuming and a comfortable starting place
  3. Naughty minxes who wish to get buzzy wherever they are – among the smallest and quietest of vibes on the market today

* Some models can also be used for internal penetration!

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Classic Vibrators

Classics stay classics (and for good reason)!

These options don’t stray too far from traditional phallic-shaped designs to provide ultimate stimulation every time.

They’re smooth, tapered and come complete with easy to use controls.

The classics are mostly unassuming and are available in a range of safe to use materials that are super easy to keep clean.

Sometimes classic vibrators are all you need to bring sexy back!

Who they’re perfect for?

The OG vibes for:

  1. First-time mastubators looking for something more traditional – take sexploration at your own pace 
  2. Couples looking for something a little less intimidating, to begin with – everyone has to start somewhere

Read how to keep your sex toys clean here!

Couples Vibrators

When you both arrive on the same vibe!

Nothing brings couples closer together than his and her vibe selections.

Choose from cock rings for stronger erections and uniquely shaped vibrators to enhance sexual pleasure for both parties.

Couples vibrators are for couples who stay together!

Who they’re perfect for?

The “perfect couple” for:

  1. Couples that want to boost their relationship intimacy and physical connection – reap rewards in all aspects of your life by putting work in under the sheets.
  2. Couples that want to explore their sexuality together – sex is so much more fun when you can experiment.

Double-ended Vibrators

Twice as much fun in one vibrator!

These dual-ended sexual creatures promise the best of both worlds: Two dildos each end that vibrate in-between (I mean, what more could you possibly ask for)!

Enhance sexual pleasure through either vaginal/anal penetration or both at the same time — you pick your pleasure.

Double-ended vibrators promise never-ending fun! 

Who they’re perfect for?

Double trouble for:

  1. Couples that wish to take a body shaking ride at the same time – bound to excite no matter what your preference

Anyone that wants to dive into the depths of double penetration – just don’t forget to lube up before going in!

Egg Vibrators

The egg “came” before the chicken!

These love eggs are delightful vibes shaped like an, well, egg (thanks Captain Obvious) that promises pure unadulterated happiness.

Used for stimulation of the clitoris, shallow penetration or on any other sweet erogenous spot.

Egg vibrators are the sexual ‘eggsperts’! 

Who they’re perfect for?

The choice of breakfast for:

  1. Couples looking for a different kind of vibe to play around with – out with classic vibrators and in with something a little more modern
  2. Anyone that is looking for a little more variety in a small, easy to use vibrator – clitoral, vaginal and anal play is a vibe away

G-Spot Vibrators

The vibe that takes you to the candy shop and back again!

This vibe is designed with a meaningful purpose: to locate and stimulate your G-spot for orgasmic pleasure akin to none.

Choose from hard and rigid to soft and flexible to curved or hooked and even some with added clitoral/anal stimulators to boot.

G-spot vibrators help you peak paramount pleasure!

Who they’re perfect for?

The right spot for:

  1. Ladies looking for an upgrade from the traditional classic vibrator – your orgasms rest in your own hands.
  2. Ladies looking for the versatility of both penetration and vibration – a little bit of this and a little bit of that leads to a lot of orgasms.

Magic Wand Vibrators


Wingardium levi”Oh”sa!

Also known as a massager vibrator, these vibes double as the perfect clitoral stimulators and your own personal masseuse.

Erotic massages are within the push of a button and come in rechargeable wireless models for all over body play.

Magic wand vibrators are here to knead your naughty bits!

Who they’re perfect for?

The flick of a wand for:

  1. Ladies looking for some versatility in a vibrator for all over solo play – head, shoulders, knees and “Oh” knees and “Oh”.
  2. Couples looking to give each other a relaxing and sensual massage – release the tension of the day the right way.

Get ridiculously kinky with this guide to magic wand massagers!


Pebble Vibrators

Discreet and “Oh” so petite!

Most vibes are pretty recognizable to the “educated” eye, but with the pebble style vibe, you have something that could pass for a BlueTooth speaker.

Soft and slick surfaces that glide across the skin promise superb clitoral stimulation and can also serve to stimulate other sensitive areas.

Pebble vibrators hide delicious secrets in plain sight!

Who they’re perfect for?

The right style for:

  1. Beginners looking for something a little more entry-level and discreet – put this love machine on your bedside table and no one will know any better

Couples that want to introduce sex toys into their relationship – very unassuming and a comfortable starting place (also great for massaging and keeps guys harder for longer)

Rabbit Vibrators

Have your cake and eat it!

Among the most popular vibes available today, the rabbit presents dual action vibrating pleasure that does not disappoint.

The rabbit’s ears tickle the clitoris for ravishing external stimulation whilst the curved/hooked headed dildo provides the added bonus of internal penetration that hits the coveted G-spot.

Rabbit vibrators are as cute and naughty as you are!

Who they’re perfect for?

The “buzzy” friend for:

  1. Ladies looking for an upgrade from the traditional classic vibrator – your orgasms rest in your own hands
  2. Ladies looking for the versatility of both penetration and vibration – a little bit of this and a little bit of that leads to a lot of orgasms

Does the promise of a rabbit vibrator excite you? 

Dive deeper down the rabbit hole here!

Vibrating Panties

Lingerie that feels sexy!

There is just something about being able to pleasure yourself without no one else knowing, and with these vibrating panties, you can get down wherever you like.

Some of this sexy underwear also includes a hidden slit where you can slide your bullet vibrator into for some hands-free action.

Vibrating panties makes it easy to decide what to wear!

Who they’re perfect for?

The knickers for:

  1. Ladies that are looking for some fun on the go or wherever the day takes them – just remember to take an extra dry pair with;)

Get “Vibing” With Vibrators

If this is indeed your first rodeo with these sex toys, please don’t forget to check out our selection to buy a vibrator. 

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We sincerely hope that this product guide has gone some way to helping you choose the best vibrator for you and your specific needs!

As with any sexploration on your part, it’s important to first read the instructions and learn how to use a vibrator before you dive in – unless you’re already versed in the art of self-love, then, by all means, get right to it!

Please feel free to reach out to us in the comments below if you have any vibrator/sex toys related questions.

As always, we’re happy to help guide you in the ways of pleasure and realizing your best sex life!

Till we meet again,

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