Women’s Month: Here’s How To Boost Your Confidence

Women's Month: Here's How To Boost Your Confidence

As women’s month draws to an end, and as a change from the negativity and hardships of modern society, I have compiled a list of a few things that can help all you strong, independent ladies out there to boost your confidence even further! All of these are really simple tricks which, when applied daily, can seriously lift your spirits when you’re feeling a little down and out.

1. Body Language

Sometimes, we fall into this constant hustle and bustle we call our ‘daily lives’ and it forces us to forget about things like maintaining good posture. Instead, we tend to slump our shoulders forward and slouch at dinner tables. However, the power of body language is very underrated.

Just by standing in front of the mirror in the morning for five seconds, doing “The Superwoman” pose, you will look at your reflection and see a strong woman which will set the tone for the rest of the day and week!

Something as small as this, or just being aware of your slouching and sitting up straight when you notice yourself being sloppy, can really change your mood as well as your presence amongst others.

2. Dress Sexy, For Yourself

It’s easy and very understandable to start feeling unsexy (or like a “Plain Jane”) after a while, but there is something that can fix that very easily. It’s dressing sexy, but for yourself. This means wearing sexy lingerie/undergarments under your normal day to day clothes.

This will skyrocket your confidence because when you dress sexy, you feel sexy!

3. Get A New Hairdo

Often having the same boring hairstyle for the past year can subconsciously make you feel as if you are stuck in a rut or not going anywhere in life. Something that truly works like magic is a visit to your local salon.

This doesn’t mean that you have to do something drastic and chop off 28cm’s! However, if you want to, go for it! But even a simple trim and reshape of your hair can do wonders for your confidence and sexiness levels! Y

ou’ll be looking in the mirror for weeks after, asking yourself who the sexy goddess is that’s looking right back at you.

Women's Month: Here's How To Boost Your Confidence

4. Release Those Endorphins

When we are caught up in our studies, work or taking care of the kids and the house, we can sometimes forget that pleasuring ourselves is a very important part of life, be it au naturel or with sex toys for women.

While masturbating, endorphins are released and you automatically feel happier. And when you feel that euphoria, you will project that happiness onto other aspects of your life. I’ll guarantee that after just one “play session” you will have a spring in your walk and you will be flipping your hair a little sexier!

If you’re unsure about sex toys visit our store to find some seriously elegant and great quality toys that will leave you gasping for air.

5. Find Your Perfect Lip Shade

This is quite a recent revelation, as recent as this week, however, we all know what it is like to spend our entire lives searching for the perfect lipstick shade! After having come across the perfect liquid lip, it was affirmed from the resulting euphoria that I had to add this to the list!

This tip will work for you whether you are a tube lipstick girl, a liquid lip girl, or even a tinted balm kind of girl. The boost in confidence from finding your perfect lip shade is truly phenomenal.